What Are the Different Divisions of Then Long Beach Police Department?

The Long Beach Police Department is led by the Chief of Police, currently held by Wally Hebeish. The department is organized into several sections, each with specific responsibilities:

  • Sworn Members: These are the uniformed police officers who have taken an oath to serve and protect the community. As of 2022, the LBPD had 824 sworn members.
  • Professional Staff: Comprising 389 personnel in 2022, this group includes administrative and support staff, forensic specialists, and other non-sworn members who play essential roles in the police department’s functioning.
  • Special Units: These could include divisions such as a Detective Division for investigation, Traffic Division for managing city traffic and dealing with violations, and a K-9 unit for deploying dogs in search and rescue operations, among others.
  • Facilities: LBPD operates four police stations, three boats, and two helicopters, indicating a comprehensive approach to law enforcement spanning land, sea, and air.

What is the History of the Long Beach Police Department?

The Long Beach Police Department has a rich history, dating back to January 30, 1888. That’s the day Horatio Davies, just 24 years old at the time, was elected as the city’s first city marshal. The position of city marshal was eventually replaced by the appointment of a chief of police in 1908, with Thomas W. Williams honored as the first chief of police in Long Beach. Notably, the department saw Fanny Bixby Spencer being sworn in as a special police matron on January 1, 1908, indicating an early recognition of women’s role in law enforcement.

How Does the Long Beach Police Department Serve the Community?

The Long Beach Police Department serves its community through its commitment to collaboration and partnership. This approach acknowledges that public safety is not solely a police responsibility but a collective endeavor involving all community members. By working with non-profit organizations and local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, LBPD can broaden its reach and impact.

The department is also diligent in its response to crime in the area. A recent case saw the LBPD responding to two separate shootings in North and West Long Beach. This prompt response, coupled with the collection of evidence such as bullet casings and strike marks, indicates a dedication to maintaining law and order and securing justice for victims of crime.

In tragic incidents, such as the case of a man who was hit by a hit-and-run driver after jumping from a building, the department conducts a thorough investigation and attempts to bring the perpetrators to justice. Such efforts demonstrate the LBPD’s dedication to serving and protecting the community, exemplifying its mission to provide a safe city for all people.

Address: 400 W. Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802.


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