What Are the Different Units of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department?

At the helm of this esteemed department is Sheriff Robert Luna, guiding the LASD with diligence and expertise. The major units of LASD are:

  • Administrative Services: This unit ensures the smooth running of the entire department, focusing on internal administrative tasks, policy implementation, and departmental management.
  • Countywide Operations: Providing a wide-reaching range of services, this unit ensures effective operations across Los Angeles County’s vast jurisdiction.
  • Custody Operations: This division manages the county jails, ensuring that they are operated securely and humanely.
  • Patrol Operations: The eyes and ears on the ground, the Patrol Operations division focuses on community policing, response to incidents, and regular patrolling to deter crime.

What is the History of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department?

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was the first Los Angeles area’s professional police force, marking its inception in 1850. Initially, volunteer groups like the Los Angeles Rangers and the Los Angeles City Guards lent a hand in maintaining law and order. Despite their contributions, crime and chaos still prevailed, which propelled the establishment of a more organized and efficient force, leading to the evolution of the LASD. Significant moments in its history include a recruitment campaign in 2007 where Jackie Chan, the famed actor, joined forces with the LASD to appeal to the Asian American community. Furthermore, in 2009, the department underwent a strategic merger with the Los Angeles County Office of Public Safety, streamlining its operations and expanding its reach.

How Does the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Serve the Area?

The LASD’s relationship with the community is underpinned by trust, collaboration, and mutual respect. By offering correctional programs, disaster services, environmental initiatives, holiday assistance, and youth services, the department ensures that the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County and contracting cities receive holistic support. This commitment extends beyond just traditional policing.

One of the standout features of the LASD’s community engagement is its collaboration with localities. Dozens of cities in Los Angeles County have opted to contract with the LASD for their law enforcement needs. This not only provides cities with all the essential services of a comprehensive police department but also offers specialized units such as SWAT teams, air support, and emergency services.

The LASD emphasizes transparency and open communication. With services like the 24-hour General Information Service and various helplines, the department ensures that citizens have channels to report incidents, seek information, or even lodge complaints, fostering an environment of accountability.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is not just a law enforcement agency; it is an institution that intertwines with the fabric of the community it serves. Through its rich history, diversified units, and relentless commitment to the Los Angeles County people, the LASD stands tall as a beacon of hope, security, and trust.


Address: 211 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, California, U.S.


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