What Are the Different Divisions of the Maine State Police?

The Maine State Police is under the leadership of Colonel John Cote, who oversees the entire force. The department consists of multiple divisions, with each having unique functions:

  • Traffic Safety Unit: Led by Trooper Desrosier, as inferred from one of the web search results, this unit focuses on maintaining order and safety on the state’s roads and highways.
  • Criminal Investigation Division: This unit includes officers like Corporal Quint, who investigate serious crimes such as vehicle theft, as highlighted in one of the search results. To solve crimes, they are in charge of gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and coordinating with other law enforcement agencies.
  • Public Relations Division: Shannon Moss, spokesperson for the Maine Department of Public Safety, likely belongs to this division. They are responsible for communicating with the public and the media about the department’s activities.
  • Patrol Division: Officers in this division respond to emergency calls, enforce traffic laws, and assist in community policing efforts. They are typically the first responders in any crisis situation.

What is the History of the Maine State Police?

The Maine State Police Department was established in 1921 and has since been a pillar of Maine’s public safety. Over the decades, it has adapted to changing times and challenges, enhancing its ability to serve the public more effectively.

Notably, the department faced a horrifying case in April 2023 when a man, shortly after his release from prison, killed four people and injured several others in a series of shootings. Despite such unsettling events, the Maine State Police remain steadfast in their commitment to protect and serve, demonstrating the resilience and determination that characterizes the department’s long-standing history.

How Does the Maine State Police Serve the Community?

The Maine State Police Department has an enduring relationship with the communities it serves. Through proactive policing strategies and community involvement, they’ve fostered a strong bond with the public, encouraging residents to actively participate in maintaining security.

They collaborate with other local law enforcement agencies in their investigations and operations, as demonstrated in the web search result concerning the investigation of suspicious deaths in Brooklin. This collaborative approach enables them to utilize resources more efficiently, ensuring a swift and comprehensive response to public safety issues.

The Maine State Police plays an integral role in educating the public about safety measures. They ensure that the residents are well-informed about various crime prevention strategies, contributing to a safer and more secure environment. In sum, the Maine State Police Department embodies the spirit of service, dedication, and cooperation, continuously striving to safeguard the well-being of Maine’s residents.

Address: Maine State Police Headquarters: 45 Commerce Drive, Augusta, Maine, 04333.


How Does the Maine State Police Serve the Community?