What Are the Different Divisions of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department?

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, headed by the Chief of Police, is divided into several operational units, each with distinct responsibilities:

  • Patrol Division: This unit is the backbone of the department. It ensures peace and security in the community by maintaining a visible presence throughout the city.
  • Investigative Services Bureau: This section is tasked with conducting thorough investigations into various crimes, from petty offenses to complex felonies.
  • School Safety Initiative: Launched in the 2022-23 academic year, this initiative focuses on the safety of elementary schools in the city. It involves a team of volunteer officers collaborating with precinct-based officers and the Investigative Services Bureau personnel to monitor school campuses.
  • Public Affairs Unit: This section is in charge of maintaining a transparent and open line of communication between the department and the public. It handles press releases, media relations, and public information.

What is the History of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department?

The MNPD has been serving the Nashville community for many decades, witnessing and adapting to the city’s immense growth and changing dynamics over time. Its history is rich with stories of bravery, duty, and service to the community. Despite numerous challenges, including dealing with high-profile cases and evolving crime trends, the MNPD has consistently maintained its commitment to protect and serve the Nashville populace.

In recent years, the MNPD has also had to navigate and respond to new forms of crime and social issues. Among the most notable was the tragic 2023 Covenant School shooting, which tested the department’s readiness and ability to respond to high-stakes emergencies.

How Does the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department Serve the Community?

The MNPD serves the Nashville area by adopting a proactive and community-focused approach to law enforcement. The department strongly believes in community policing, understanding that effective law enforcement is a collaborative effort between the police and the people they serve. This philosophy is manifest in the numerous community outreach initiatives and crime prevention programs run by the department.

Despite resource constraints, as demonstrated by the recent inability to staff full-time School Resource Officers at every elementary school, the MNPD remains committed to protecting Nashville’s most vulnerable citizens. Through the School Safety Initiative, the department has innovatively used volunteer officers to monitor and ensure the safety of elementary school campuses.

Finally, in the face of tragedies like the Covenant School shooting, the MNPD demonstrated the strength of its training and its unwavering dedication to the people of Nashville. The swift and coordinated response during this crisis not only mitigated further harm but also underscored the department’s commitment to protecting its community at all costs.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department is more than a law enforcement organization; it is a partner to the people of Nashville, ensuring the community’s safety, peace, and well-being.

Address: 600 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37210, United States.


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