What Are the Different Sections of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia?

The MPDC, under the guidance of Acting Chief of Police Pamela Smith, is comprised of several sections, each playing a pivotal role in the functioning of the department. Some of the key sections include:

  • Patrol Services North & South: These sections, led by Assistant Chiefs Morgan Kane and Andre Wright, respectively, are at the forefront of the department, in charge of patrolling and ensuring the safety of the district’s northern and southern regions.
  • Investigative Services: Directed by Assistant Chief Leslie Parsons, this unit focuses on investigations related to serious crimes, collecting evidence, and aiding in the prosecution of offenders.
  • Chief Operating Office: Managed by Leeann Turner, this division oversees the administrative operations, logistics, and resource management for the MPDC.
  • Chief of Staff: Headed by Marvin Haiman, this unit assists in strategic planning, communications, and policy development for the department.

What is the History of Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia?

Founded on August 6, 1861, the MPDC has an illustrious history spanning over 160 years. Initially serving as the Washington City police during the daytime and the Auxiliary Guard at nighttime, it has grown to become one of the ten largest police departments in the nation. The department, through its dedicated service, has earned the respect of the diverse communities it serves and continues to foster a sense of safety and security among the residents of the District of Columbia.

How Does the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia Serve the Area?

With a robust workforce of over 3,615 officers, the MPDC has established a profound connection with the community it serves. Its effective approach to law enforcement is not limited to maintaining law and order but extends to community engagement, fostering trust, and collaboration.

The MPDC collaborates closely with community members, engaging in open dialogues to address their concerns and work collectively towards creating safer neighborhoods. It offers a range of services at its headquarters, including retrieval of police and traffic crash reports, police clearances, firearms registration, and registration as a known sex offender as required by law.

The MPDC is steadfast in being responsive and liable to the citizens of the District of Columbia. The department plays an extremely crucial role in ensuring the fair and unbiased administration of justice for all residents by enforcing the law and maintaining order. Its active presence and accessibility via the Judiciary Square Metro stop make it a significant part of the community.

Through its commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication, the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia continues to uphold the law, protect its citizens, and build a stronger, safer community for all.

Address: Henry J. Daly Building, 300 Indiana Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001.


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