What Are the Different Divisions of the Midland Police Department?

The Midland Police Department, as a comprehensive entity, is equipped with various sections and units that cater to specific tasks. Each of these units is significant in ensuring the smooth functioning of the department:

  • Chief of Police: This esteemed position is the head of the police department, overseeing all the divisions and ensuring seamless coordination among them.
  • Investigations Division: Responsible for diving deep into unresolved crimes, this division works on gathering evidence, tracking down leads, and bringing perpetrators to justice.
  • Traffic Division: Tasked with ensuring safe roads, they handle traffic rules enforcement, investigate accidents, and ensure that road users adhere to the law.
  • Operations Division: This division looks after the routine operations of the department, ensuring that day-to-day tasks run smoothly.
    Enforcement Division, Commercial Vehicle: Ensures that commercial vehicles ply with the rules, maintaining road safety standards.
  • Patrol Division: They are the eyes and ears on the ground, regularly patrolling neighborhoods, attending to emergency calls, and ensuring public safety.
  • Training Division: Essential for keeping the force updated, this division handles the training and skills development of officers.
  • MPD Community Relations: Building and maintaining a positive relationship with the community is crucial. This division focuses on community outreach, understanding public concerns, and ensuring that the police are seen as friends and not just enforcers.

What is the History of the Midland Police Department?

Established with a vision to serve and protect, the Midland Police Department has been at the forefront of ensuring public safety in Midland, Texas. Over the years, it has evolved in its approach, adopting new technologies and methodologies to tackle crime and maintain peace. The commitment of its officers and the trust of the community have made it one of the most respected police departments in the state.

How Does the Midland Police Department Serve the Community?

The relationship between the Midland Police Department and the community it serves is deep-rooted in trust and collaboration. The MPD frequently reaches out to the public through community programs, ensuring that they are not just seen as law enforcers but also as partners in building a safe environment.

The Midland PD’s proactive approach to public safety is evident in its regular updates and awareness campaigns. They provide timely information about various threats, such as the dangers of heat and how to take precautions. Such efforts not only save lives but also showcase their dedication beyond just crime prevention.

The MPD’s commitment is also evident in its state-of-the-art technologies like the RAPTOR visitor management system. This ensures that anyone entering public facilities like schools is screened, prioritizing the safety of children and staff.

The positive relationship with the community is a two-way street. The community plays a vital role in assisting the police in their tasks, be it through neighborhood watch programs or simply by being vigilant. The collaboration of the Midland community and its police force exemplifies what can be accomplished when everyone works together to achieve a common goal.

Address: 601 N. Loraine, Midland, TX 79701


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