What Are the Different Divisions of the Milwaukee Police Department?

At the head of the Milwaukee Police Department is Police Chief Jeffrey Norman. Under his leadership, several specialized units and divisions function seamlessly to ensure that the city remains a safe haven for its residents.

  • Traffic and Patrol Unit: This unit is primarily responsible for regular patrolling, handling traffic-related issues, and ensuring the safety of the roads. Recent news reported an unfortunate incident involving a Milwaukee police officer and a civilian near 76th and Mill, emphasizing the unit’s role in handling collisions and other traffic mishaps.
  • Community Outreach: Partnering with organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, this unit organizes events such as the “Kids Just Wanna Have Fun” day at Sherman Park to foster positive relationships between officers and young residents.
  • Crime Investigation Division: Specialized in probing into various crimes, this division was notably involved in an investigation concerning the Milwaukee Juneteenth celebration, which unfortunately ended in gunfire.
  • Mounted Patrol Unit: The most recent addition to this unit is Gus, a new horse introduced to serve alongside the Milwaukee police officers. The Mounted Patrol is not only instrumental in crowd control but also serves as a bridge between the police and the community, allowing for more approachable and friendly interactions.

What is the History of the Milwaukee Police Department?

The Milwaukee Police Department has been serving the community for many decades. Throughout its history, the department has faced numerous challenges and evolved in response to the changing dynamics of the city. Tragically, the department has also witnessed the sacrifice of its officers, such as Officer Peter Jerving, who met with a fatal incident in February 2023. Such incidents underscore the inherent risks officers face daily while reminding the community of the sacrifices made in the line of duty.

How Does the Milwaukee Police Department Serve the People?

The Milwaukee Police Department’s commitment to serving its community extends beyond law enforcement. Collaborative initiatives with community organizations emphasize the MPD’s dedication to fostering positive relations and building trust.

Engagement events, like the Community Walk & Roll at American Family Field, focus on educating the public about various aspects, in this case, bicycle safety. Such events are not just about information dissemination but are platforms for interaction, where officers and the public come together in informal settings.

The response to tragic incidents, such as the shooting on Juneteenth, showcases the MPD’s dedication. Quick briefings, transparency, and continuous efforts to bring peace to the city mark the department’s efforts. Chief Jeffrey Norman’s heartfelt words, “Milwaukee, our hearts are heavy,” echo the sentiment of an entire department deeply intertwined with the community it serves.

The department’s proactive measures, like the launch of the 2023 Operation Summer Guardian plan, demonstrate foresight and an active approach to combating challenges. It’s not just about reacting to incidents; it’s about preventing them.

The Milwaukee Police Department remains a pillar of strength, resilience, and hope for the city. Through its various initiatives and dedicated officers, the MPD continues to solidify its bond with the community.


Address: Police Administration Building; 749 W. State Street; Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


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