What Are the Different Sections of the Modesto Police Department?

The Modesto Police Department is headed by the Police Chief, who orchestrates the various units that make up the department. Some of the essential sections within the Modesto Police Department include:

  • Patrol Unit: This is the backbone of the department, responsible for responding to emergency and non-emergency calls from citizens, enforcing traffic laws, and maintaining a visible presence in the community to deter crime.
  • Criminal Investigation Division: This division focuses on solving crimes through the collection and analysis of evidence. Detectives in this division are responsible for in-depth investigations into offenses from burglary to homicide.
  • Community Engagement Unit: This unit works towards building stronger relationships between the department and the community. This includes the organization of neighborhood watch groups, community events, and public education on safety and crime prevention.

What is the History of the Modesto Police Department?

The Modesto Police Department has a rich history of serving its community. Over the years, it has faced numerous challenges, adapting its strategies and practices to meet the evolving needs of the Modesto community. The department’s commitment to progressive law enforcement practices is a testament to its continuous growth and improvement.

One notable moment in the department’s history includes a case involving a former Modesto police officer who was fired for shooting an unarmed man. The police officer was later acquitted of manslaughter charges, highlighting the department’s dedication to accountability and its determination to uphold the department’s policies regardless of the outcome.

How Does the Modesto Police Department Serve the People?

The Modesto Police Department’s commitment to serving its community extends beyond crime fighting. The department recognizes that it is a part of the Modesto community and endeavors to build a stronger relationship with its citizens.

One of the ways the department serves the community is by collaborating with local organizations and businesses. The department values community partnerships as a means of better understanding the community’s diverse needs and developing more targeted, effective public safety and crime prevention strategies.

Another critical aspect of the department’s service to the area involves engaging in community events and public education. From organizing neighborhood watch groups to participating in local events, the Modesto Police Department uses every opportunity to engage with the public, educate citizens on safety, and foster a sense of community.

The department is firmly committed to accountability and transparency in its operations. The release of body camera footage, such as in the case of a police officer shooting a bicyclist, is indicative of this commitment. Such actions serve to uphold public trust and demonstrate the department’s dedication to upholding justice.

The Modesto Police Department is more than just a law enforcement agency; it is a community partner, a public educator, and a pillar of accountability and justice in the Modesto community.


Address: 1010 10th Street Modesto, CA 95354


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