What Are the Different Units of the Montebello Police Department?

The Montebello Police Department is a well-structured organization helmed by experienced officers and support staff, each bringing expertise to their respective roles.

  • Administrative Division: This section handles all the administrative responsibilities. Their responsibilities include resource management, planning, budget oversight, and ensuring the smooth operation of the police department.
  • Direct Dispatch Emergency and Non-Emergency Service: Acting as the backbone of communication, this unit ensures swift action during emergencies and manages non-emergency calls, ensuring every plea for help is addressed.
  • Crime Prevention Unit: Focusing on proactive measures, this unit educates the public, conducts community outreach programs, and uses analytics to predict and deter potential criminal activities in the area.
  • Data & Insights Citizen Connect: A unique module that aids in building transparency between the department and the citizens. It offers insights into various government services, traffic incidents, crime statistics, and more, all presented in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Switchboard Service/Intake: This unit ensures seamless communication within the department and with external entities. It is critical to the department’s overall functionality.

What is the History of the Montebello Police Department?

Founded in 1920, the Montebello Police Department has seen the city evolve and has grown in tandem with it. From a small unit serving a lesser-populated area, it has expanded into a force that now boasts over 120 police department employees. This expansion is not just in numbers but also in expertise, technology, and service modalities. Over the years, the department has not only responded to the city’s changing needs but has also become a model for modern policing, combining traditional values with advanced methodologies.

How Does the Montebello Police Department Serve the Community?

Being the primary law enforcement agency for Montebello, the police department goes beyond just maintaining law and order.

Through programs like “Citizen Connect,” the Montebello Police Department has effectively bridged the gap between the force and the community. This module allows residents to access vital information regarding government services in their communities, from crime data to traffic incidents. By presenting this data in interactive formats like heat maps and providing filter options, the department ensures transparency and builds trust.

Recruitment drives like “Become A Montebello Police Officer” reflect the department’s commitment to expanding its team with dedicated, responsible, and mature individuals. By emphasizing the value of the badge and the privilege associated with wearing it, they ensure the force is made up of only the best.

The force remembers its heroes. Moments of reflection, like on Peace Officers’ Memorial Day, remind the community of the sacrifices made by officers in the line of duty. Such observances cement the bond between the police force and the community, reminding everyone that safety comes at a cost, and those who pay that cost are never forgotten.

Collaborations with organizations such as the PASADENA HUMANE SOCIETY AND SPCA indicate a holistic approach to community service, ensuring every resident, even the four-legged ones, is taken care of. Through these myriad efforts, the Montebello Police Department stands as a pillar of support, security, and community partnership in Montebello, California.

Address: 1600 W. Beverly Blvd. Montebello CA 90640


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