Sections of the Montgomery County Police Department

At the helm of the Montgomery County Police Department is the Office of the Chief, which oversees the whole organization. Several major divisions and bureaus operate under the Office of the Chief. These include:

  • Internal Affairs: This division is charged with upholding the department’s integrity by ensuring that all allegations of misconduct or inappropriate behavior by officers are fully investigated.
  • Investigative Services: This division carries out detective functions, conducting in-depth probes into serious and complex crimes.
  • Patrol Services Bureau: Responsible for uniformed officers on patrol; this bureau forms the front line of policing, providing immediate response to calls and proactive policing in designated districts.
  • Montgomery County Regional Dispatch Center: A critical support unit, this center serves as the primary communications contact point between citizens and various public safety agencies. It provides call processing and dispatch services for fire, EMS, and police departments.

History of the Montgomery County Police Department

The Montgomery County Police Department was established in July 1922 with a vision to create a safe and secure community where the rule of law is upheld and respected. Over the past century, the department has evolved and grown in tandem with the county it serves. With around 1,300 sworn officers and 650 support personnel today, the MCPD stands as a testament to the commitment and dedication of generations of officers who have served this community.

How the Montgomery County Police Department Serves the Area

The MCPD takes pride in its deep and meaningful engagement with the community. Their emphasis on building partnerships and fostering relationships with residents underpins the department’s community policing philosophy. The department maintains a presence in all areas of the county, responding to calls for service around the clock and conducting patrols to deter crime.

Furthermore, the MCPD extends its support to neighboring jurisdictions when needed, exemplifying the cooperative spirit inherent in public safety services. In emergency situations, the Montgomery County Regional Dispatch Center serves as the hub of information, ensuring that all calls for help are responded to promptly and effectively.

The department also maintains an open line of communication with the public for non-emergency situations. With its designated non-emergency contact number, the MCPD ensures citizens can connect with their police department without adding to the burden on emergency lines.

The MCPD’s dedication to transparency and accountability is clearly visible in its interactions with the public. Its ongoing commitment to earn the trust and confidence of the citizens it serves remains a central tenet in its mission to create a safer, more secure community.

As we look to the future, the Montgomery County Police Department continues to uphold its tradition of service and dedication, ensuring that the peace and security of Montgomery County remain unshaken.


Address: Montgomery County Public Safety Headquarters, 100 Edison Park Drive, Gaithersburg, Maryland, 20878