What Are the Different Units of the Montgomery Police Department?

At the helm of the Montgomery Police Department is the Chief of Police, Ernest N. Finley. The department is vast and versatile, with several divisions dedicated to various facets of policing. Some of the primary sections include:

  • Chief’s Office: This is where the primary administrative decisions are made and where the vision for the department is articulated.
  • Public Information Office: A crucial division that liaises with the media, providing important updates and ensuring transparency with the public.
  • Police Command Staff: Responsible for overseeing the different divisions and ensuring that the department runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Montgomery Police Athletic League (MPAL): A community-based initiative that engages young individuals through sports, fostering positive relations between the police and youth.
  • STAR Watch Program: An innovative approach to maintaining public safety, this program encourages residents to be vigilant and report suspicious activities.
  • Municipal Jail: Oversees the detention of individuals awaiting trial or serving short sentences.
  • Traffic Division: Manages road safety, enforces traffic regulations, and responds to accidents.
  • Training and Recruiting Division: Responsible for ensuring that all officers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties.

What is the History of the Montgomery Police Department?

The Montgomery Police Department has its roots in the year 1820, making it one of the oldest established police departments in the region. Throughout its history, MPD has witnessed significant events, especially during the Civil Rights era. Although there is much to learn about its comprehensive history during these pivotal moments, it’s evident that MPD has been at the forefront of many societal changes and challenges.

How Does the Montgomery Police Department Serve the Community?

The Montgomery Police Department goes beyond just enforcing laws. They understand that true law enforcement stems from a deep-rooted relationship with the community it serves. Recognizing the societal dynamics, MPD believes that crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility. The department has been successful in forging strong ties with the residents by fostering this perspective, ensuring that society plays a substantial role in crime prevention and reporting.

Community involvement is not just a principle but a practice for the MPD. With initiatives like the Montgomery Police Athletic League and the STAR Watch Program, the department actively collaborates with residents to create a safer environment for all. It’s not just about reacting to crimes but proactively working with the community to prevent them.

The Montgomery Police Department embraces transparency and public engagement. By connecting with residents through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Nextdoor, they provide real-time updates and crime prevention tips and foster a sense of community and collaboration. In essence, the MPD exemplifies the ideal partnership between law enforcement and the society it serves, working hand in hand for a safer Montgomery.


Address: 320 N Ripley St, Montgomery, Alabama, 36104-2722.


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