What Are the Different Units of the Mountain View Police Department?

The esteemed leader of the Mountain View Police Department, Chief Hsiung, holds the responsibility of overseeing all operations, ensuring the safety of the community, and guiding the department toward its goals.

  • General Information & Transparency: This unit keeps the community informed about police activities, recent developments, and essential updates. It’s also in charge of ensuring that operations are transparent, adhering to laws like Assembly Bill 481.


  • Animal Services: Ensuring the safety and well-being of animals in Mountain View; this section addresses issues like lost and found pets, animal welfare checks, and more.
  • Parking and Towing: Managing parking regulations and towing services in the city, ensuring smooth vehicular movement and adherence to parking rules.
  • Citations & Arrests: Responsible for processing citations and making arrests based on violations of city or state laws.
  • Call for Service Logs: Maintains records of all calls to the department, tracking incidents and responses.

What is the History of the Mountain View Police Department?

Established to cater to the needs of the rapidly growing Mountain View community, the Mountain View Police Department has evolved over the years to become a modern and efficient police force. From its humble beginnings, it has always prioritized community needs, continually adapting its strategies to better serve the residents. The rich history of the department showcases its resilience, adaptability, and commitment to excellence, shaping it into the esteemed institution it is today.

Over the decades, the Mountain View Police Department has faced numerous challenges, from the changing socio-political climate to technological advancements. However, with each challenge, the department has emerged stronger, integrating new tools, techniques, and practices to remain at the forefront of community policing.

How Does the Mountain View Police Department Serve the People?

The Mountain View Police Department understands the essence of community policing. By prioritizing community engagement, they’ve built bridges of trust and collaboration, ensuring that the police and the public work hand-in-hand for a safer environment. With platforms such as Next Door, they provide timely updates on safety measures, ensuring everyone stays informed and vigilant.

The department encourages active participation from the community, be it through feedback, reporting incidents, or participating in community-police events. By keeping its doors open to the community, the Mountain View Police Department ensures that residents have easy access to police services, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

The department has made commendable efforts to keep up with the digital age. Utilizing platforms like Twitter, they ensure that the younger generation stays connected and informed. They also promote safe practices, such as safe driving habits, ensuring that the community remains educated on best practices.

The department emphasizes its dedication to the area through its recruitment processes. The Mountain View Police Department looks for individuals who resonate with the city’s ethos and values. By integrating the best of the community into its ranks, the department ensures that the bond between the police and the people only grows stronger.


Address: 1000 Villa Street Mountain View, CA 94041


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