What Are the Different Units of the Napa Police Department?

At the head of the Napa Police Department is the Chief of Police. The department is primarily segmented into two main divisions:

  • Operations Division: This is where the majority of the sworn personnel operate. The division encompasses various sections, including:
    • Patrol Officers: These officers are the first responders to various calls for service. They patrol the city, ensuring the safety of its residents.
    • Detectives: Specializing in investigations, they delve deeper into cases, gather evidence, and solve more complex crimes.
    • Youth Services Bureau: This unit focuses on the younger members of the community, ensuring their safety and well-being.
    • Traffic Officers: They manage and regulate city traffic, handle accidents, and enforce traffic rules.
    • Homeless Outreach Services: This team reaches out to the homeless community, providing assistance and resources.
  • Administration/Support Services Division: This division is largely composed of professional staff. It includes:
    • Records Bureau: Handles all police records, from complaints to case files.
    • Property and Evidence: Manages and safeguards evidence collected during investigations.
    • Personnel and Training: Responsible for recruitment, training, and overall personnel management.
    • Communications Center: The hub of communication for the department, managing emergency and non-emergency calls.

What is the History of the Napa Police Department?

The roots of the Napa Police Department can be traced back to 1875. For nearly a century and a half, this esteemed institution has evolved to cater to the dynamic needs of the City of Napa. From its humble beginnings, it has grown in size, technology, and capability, staying true to its commitment to serve and protect the community. Over the years, the Napa Police Department has faced numerous challenges, from dealing with local crimes to navigating broader societal changes, always rising to the occasion and setting standards of excellence in law enforcement.

How Does the Napa Police Department Serve the Area?

The Napa Police Department isn’t just about enforcing laws; it’s deeply embedded in the community. Through various outreach programs, the department fosters a sense of unity and mutual respect with the residents. The Youth Services Bureau, for instance, works directly with schools and young individuals, ensuring they have a safe environment to learn and grow.

Homeless Outreach Services demonstrates the department’s dedication to every member of the community. By providing assistance to the homeless, the department shows its commitment to holistic community welfare.

Collaborations and partnerships are essential in the department’s operations. The department works hand-in-hand with other community services, ensuring residents have access to a diverse range of services support when needed. Whether it’s emergency situations or community events, the Napa Police Department is always present, serving the residents with dedication.

Communication is a cornerstone of their service. With a dedicated Communications Center, the department ensures that residents can reach out at any time, be it for emergencies or general inquiries. Through consistent and open communication, the Napa Police Department builds trust and strengthens its bond with the community.


Address: 1539 1st St, Napa, CA 94559, United States


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