What Are Sections of the New Mexico State Police?

The NMSP is organized into several key sections, each with distinct responsibilities, yet all are united under the goal of maintaining law and order in New Mexico.

  • Uniform Bureau and District Offices: NMSP has multiple district offices that serve different counties across the state. Each district is headed by a Captain and Lieutenants who ensure the smooth functioning of their respective offices. For instance, District 1, serving Santa Fe, San Miguel, Los Alamos, and Sandoval counties, is led by Captain Damyan Brown and Lt. John Cunningham.
  • NM Law Enforcement Academy: A central pillar of NMSP, the Academy trains aspiring law enforcement personnel, shaping the future guardians of New Mexico’s public safety. It offers high-standard, rigorous programs that equip recruits with essential skills and knowledge.
  • Public Information and Support Services: This section ensures transparency, keeping citizens informed about NMSP’s initiatives, and provides crucial administrative and technical support to law enforcement operations.
  • Recruiting: The lifeblood of NMSP, this section invites individuals who have a deep desire to serve the community and contribute to the proud legacy of the agency.

What is History of the New Mexico State Police?

The NMSP has a rich history that traces back to the early 20th century. Initially established in 1905, the force has evolved over time, expanding its roles and jurisdictions. This growth reflects the evolution of public safety needs in New Mexico and the institution’s commitment to adapt to these changing dynamics.

Today, NMSP stands as a well-respected law enforcement agency synonymous with integrity, courage, and excellence. Over the years, it has built a strong tradition of pride and honor, ingrained into every officer who has donned the uniform since 1935.

How Does the New Mexico State Police Serve the Area?

A cornerstone of NMSP’s mission is fostering a strong relationship with the communities it serves. By offering quality law enforcement services, the agency works tirelessly to build a safer, stronger New Mexico.

Collaborating with local and federal authorities, the NMSP enhances the effectiveness of its operations. This synergy facilitates a comprehensive approach to crime prevention, tackling issues that cut across different jurisdictions. This spirit of collaboration extends beyond crime-fighting – NMSP also offers disaster and emergency response services, standing as a pillar of support for New Mexicans during times of distress.

The NMSP’s commitment to the public goes beyond traditional law enforcement. Providing technical communications and forensics support to the public and other government agencies, NMSP ensures that its expertise benefits all levels of society. Through these initiatives, the NMSP not only secures New Mexico but also strengthens the fabric of its communities, creating an environment where every resident can thrive.

The New Mexico State Police exemplifies the best of public service, embodying a deep commitment to ensuring peace, safety, and justice for all New Mexicans. Whether through direct law enforcement action, community collaboration, or training the law enforcement leaders of tomorrow, NMSP is indeed a beacon of safety in the Land of Enchantment.

Address: 4491 Cerillos Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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