What Are the Different Sections of the New Orleans Police Department?

The NOPD’s organizational structure is led by the Police Superintendent, who is appointed by the Mayor. The Superintendent oversees several divisions and units, each designed to tackle different aspects of law enforcement: 

  • Patrol Division: This is the backbone of NOPD, responsible for patrolling the eight districts and responding to emergency calls and non-emergency incidents.
  • Investigations Division: This division handles all major crime investigations and follow-ups on reports taken by patrol officers.
  • Special Operations Division: Tasked with providing specialized support and response capabilities, this division houses units like the SWAT team and Bomb Squad.
  • Community Engagement Division: This division strives to bridge the gap between the residents and police by implementing programs, events, and services that promote trust and cooperation.
  • Public Integrity Bureau: This unit investigates allegations of misconduct or corruption within the department, ensuring accountability and transparency.

What is the History of the New Orleans Police Department?

NOPD has a storied past that stretches back to the year 1796, during the administration of Baron Francisco Luis Héctor de Carondelet. The department was established in response to escalating crime rates of that era. However, NOPD’s history is not without its share of challenges. The department has faced allegations of civil rights violations, corruption, and poor oversight. In 2012, NOPD came under a federal consent decree, mandated to implement reforms to address these structural issues, as identified by the U.S. Department of Justice.

How Does the New Orleans Police Department Serve the Area?

The New Orleans Police Department’s service to the area is a multifaceted endeavor. First, it operates NOLA 311, a hub that provides local government information and non-emergency services to residents, visitors, and businesses. These services range from answering health-related questions to responding to requests related to property maintenance, roads, and drainage.

NOPD also works closely with other law enforcement agencies in the area. For instance, the Tulane University Police Department (TUPD) collaborates with NOPD, sharing information and aiding in arrests to keep the campus community safe. Likewise, NOPD coordinates with the Harbor Police Department, which focuses on maritime law enforcement and the protection of the Port of New Orleans.

Furthermore, NOPD is committed to strengthening its relationship with the community. Regular meetings are held between residents and assigned police officers to address crime and disorder in neighborhoods, fostering a sense of cooperation and trust. These efforts not only contribute to public safety but also to the overall quality of life in New Orleans.

Address:715 South Broad St, New Orleans, LA 70119, USA.

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