Sections of the Ohio Department of Public Safety

The Ohio Department of Public Safety is overseen by the Public Safety Director’s Office, based in Columbus, which can be reached during weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM. This entity guides the operations of several key divisions within the department:

  • The Ohio State Highway Patrol: This section ensures safety on Ohio’s public roads and highways. Their responsibilities range from enforcing traffic laws to assisting motorists in need.
  • The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles: This division is in charge of vehicle registration and issuing driver’s licenses in the state, ensuring that all road users are adequately documented and accountable.
  • Other divisions: The ODPS headquarters also houses several other divisions dedicated to specific facets of public safety, including emergency management, emergency medical services, and criminal justice services.

History of the Ohio Department of Public Safety

Originally known as the Department of Highway Safety, the Ohio Department of Public Safety has always been committed to protecting and serving the people of Ohio. Over time, the department has evolved, broadening its scope to encompass not just highway safety but the overall safety of the public within the state. This evolution brought with it a change in name, reflecting the wider remit the department now held, becoming known as the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

The headquarters of the department, now located at 1970 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio, have an intriguing history of its own. This site was previously home to the Columbus Insane Asylum, further underscoring the department’s commitment to caring for and protecting the community in a multitude of ways.

How the Ohio Department of Public Safety Serves the Area

The Ohio Department of Public Safety serves the community through its diverse operations, which range from managing road safety to providing emergency services. Its visibility and actions on the roads, particularly through the Ohio State Highway Patrol, significantly contribute to maintaining safety, ensuring that road users adhere to the laws and that help is always available in case of an accident.

Beyond direct enforcement, the department also collaborates with various community stakeholders to enhance safety. This cooperation manifests in several public projects. For instance, the ODPS engages in construction projects such as roof repairs and facility upgrades, as seen with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. These projects not only aim to improve the efficiency and functionality of the department’s services but also ensure a constant presence in the community.

The department is keen on public education and awareness. Through various programs, the department keeps Ohio’s citizens informed about safety measures, emergency protocols, and other relevant information. By fostering a culture of safety and shared responsibility, the department ensures that everyone plays a part in maintaining the peace and security of Ohio.


Address: The headquarters for the Ohio Department of Public Safety is located at 1970 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio.