Sections of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety

The Department is headed by the Commissioner of Public Safety, currently John Scully, who is appointed by the Governor of Oklahoma. The ODPS comprises several divisions, each contributing to the Department’s mandate in a unique manner:

  • Law Enforcement Services: This section is committed to maintaining law and order across the state. Their responsibilities encompass crime prevention, investigation, and community policing.
  • Vehicle Regulation: Tasked with maintaining vehicle and driver safety, this division oversees licensing, vehicle inspections, and the administration of driving tests. They also manage matters related to traffic regulations and vehicle documentation.
  • Homeland Security: This unit is charged with preparing for, preventing, and responding to domestic emergencies and security threats. Their key responsibilities include the formulation and implementation of security measures and emergency response plans.
  • Education and Training: The recent partnership with Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City has provided a boost to this section, offering employees access to OSU-OKC’s INSPIRE adult education program and heightening the department’s overall performance.

History of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety

The inception of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety traces back to the dawn of the automobile age in Oklahoma, a period that saw a surge in vehicular accidents. This necessitated the formation of an organized entity to regulate traffic and enhance road safety. Over the decades, the ODPS has evolved, widening its scope to adapt to the changing societal dynamics. Now, the Department not only deals with traffic safety but has broadened its horizons to include various facets of public safety and justice administration.

How Does the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety Serve the People?

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety is much more than a law enforcement agency. It functions as a crucial link between the state and its residents, helping maintain safety, order, and justice. Through active collaboration with local communities, it fosters relationships built on trust, paving the way for safer neighborhoods.

The Department’s recent educational partnership with OSU-OKC is a testament to its dedication to enhancing the knowledge and skills of its employees and thus boosting the Department’s overall performance. This collaboration not only benefits the Department’s staff but also provides a pathway for students to learn about and consider a career within the ODPS, thereby helping cultivate the next generation of public safety professionals.

The ODPS extends its reach through the use of technology. Tools like online driver’s education and permit practice tests provided by partners like showcase the Department’s commitment to fostering safe driving habits among Oklahomans.

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety epitomizes public service, continually striving to uphold its mandate of ensuring the Sooner State residents’ safety and well-being. Its multifaceted roles, efficient service delivery, and forward-thinking initiatives make it an indispensable pillar of the Oklahoma community.

Address: The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety operates from its headquarters located at 3600 N Martin Luther King Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, US.


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