What Are the Different Units of the Ontario Police Department?

The Ontario Police Department is led by Police Chief Mike Lorenz, as mentioned in the LA Times article. The department comprises various sections, each with specific functions, such as:

  • Emergency Response Unit: This unit is responsible for attending to immediate incidents and emergencies, ensuring quick and efficient responses.
  • Community Engagement Unit: This unit works on fostering and developing strong community relationships. It’s focused on creating open forums for community dialogue and promoting partnerships that instill pride and commitment.
  • Investigation Unit: This unit takes care of in-depth investigations related to various crimes, ensuring that every incident is thoroughly scrutinized and justice is served.
  • Accountability and Transparency Unit: This unit maintains the department’s commitment to accountability and transparency, making sure all operations are above board, and any issues are openly addressed.

What is the History of the Ontario Police Department?

The Ontario Police Department, serving the city of Ontario, California, has a long-standing history dating back to the city’s incorporation in 1891. As the city grew, so did the police department, adapting to the changing needs of the community. The department has since been steadfast in its mission to protect life and property, continually evolving its methods to stay at the forefront of law enforcement practices.

How Does the Ontario Police Department Serve the People?

The Ontario Police Department is more than just a law enforcement agency; it also plays an important role in community development and engagement. The department is devoted to building and maintaining authentic relationships with community members. They work relentlessly to safeguard life and property, providing expedited police response to incidents and creating a dialogue with the public to understand their concerns better.

One example of their dedication to community engagement is their efforts to value transparency and preserve the trust they have built with the community. This focus ensures the community feels heard, understood and that their concerns are being addressed. The department continues to expand on various forums that strengthen its connection to the community, allowing for a direct line of communication between the police and the citizens they serve.

The Ontario Police Department also helps to ensure community safety by investigating and solving crimes, as evidenced by the false report of an active shooter at the Ontario Mills Mall. Their prompt and thorough response to the incident demonstrates their dedication to public safety as well as their effectiveness in crisis management.

The Ontario Police Department plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of life in Ontario, California. Through their commitment to protection, community engagement, professionalism, and accountability, they serve as a beacon of security and trust for the community they so diligently serve.

Address: 2500 S Archibald Ave, Ontario, CA 91761, United States.


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