What Are the Different Units of the Orange County Sheriff's Department?

At the helm of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is Agency executive Don Barnes, the Sheriff. Under his expert leadership, the department is structured into various commands and divisions, each playing a critical role:

  • Office of The Sheriff: The apex of the department, responsible for overall strategic decisions, policies, and procedures.
  • Undersheriff: An essential pillar in the department, offering guidance and decision-making alongside the Sheriff.
  • Executive Command: This unit assists in high-level decisions and ensures the effective operation of the department.
  • Constitutional Policing: A unit dedicated to upholding the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution while policing.
  • Public Affairs & Community Engagement: This section bridges the department and the community, ensuring transparency and fostering trust.
  • Government and Legislative Affairs: It plays a crucial role in legislative interactions, policy implementations, and ensuring alignment with state and federal laws.
  • Administrative Services Command: Overseeing financial operations, administrative tasks, and ensuring smooth departmental functioning.
  • Research & Development: Forward-thinking division, focusing on innovations, training, and research in law enforcement techniques.
  • Technology Division: Ensures the department stays abreast with technological advancements, aiding effective and modern policing.
  • Custody Operations Command: Supervises detention facilities, ensuring safety and adherence to policies within the county’s jails.