What Are the Different Sections the Oxnard Police Department?

The Oxnard Police Department is helmed by Police Chief Jason Benites. The department is divided into numerous divisions and units, each contributing uniquely to the department’s overall mission. Key divisions include:

  • Patrol Division: Responsible for responding to emergency and non-emergency calls, maintaining peace, and ensuring public safety around the clock.
  • Investigative Services: Focused on solving crimes by conducting thorough investigations, analyzing evidence, and working closely with the district attorney’s office.
  • Traffic Safety Unit: Ensures road safety and enforces traffic laws, responding to accidents and DUI incidents.
  • Community Affairs: Facilitates community engagement, public relations, and collaborations with community groups to build strong police-community relationships.

What is the History of the Oxnard Police Department?

Established alongside the city itself, the Oxnard Police Department has evolved over the decades to become a modern and effective police force. Striding hand in hand with the growing city, the department has expanded its infrastructure and scope, keeping pace with the demands of a burgeoning population and ever-changing societal norms.

One significant development in recent history is the department’s plan to establish a new precinct in South Oxnard. A strategic decision, this new precinct aims to improve police response times in the area and provide easier access to police services for local residents.

How Does the Oxnard Police Department Serve the People?

The Oxnard Police Department’s philosophy is rooted in community policing. They believe in strong collaborations and effective communication with the public, fostering mutual understanding and respect that facilitates a safer community.

A noteworthy example of this collaborative approach is the department’s proactive engagement in conducting operations such as shoplifting sting operations at local shopping centers. By coordinating with organized retail crime investigators, they efficiently address retail theft issues, reflecting their commitment to safeguarding local businesses and maintaining law and order.

The department’s plans for the new precinct in South Oxnard exhibit their dedication to evolving with the city’s needs. As the population grows, they anticipate the need for expanded police services, and the new precinct is a strategic step in that direction. In the words of Police Chief Jason Benites, this is akin to planting the seeds of a tree whose shade they may not sit under – a testament to their long-term vision for the community’s safety.

On a broader scale, the Oxnard Police Department works in synergy with other law enforcement and public safety agencies in the region, like the Ventura County Firefighters and the Sheriff’s Department. Whether responding to a report of a disturbance on a jetty or a more serious situation, their combined efforts ensure the safety and security of Oxnard residents and visitors.

The Oxnard Police Department stands as a pillar of safety and order in the city, fostering strong community relationships and continuously adapting to serve the evolving needs of Oxnard.

Address: 251 S. C Street, Oxnard, CA 93030


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