Sections of the Page Police Department

  • Police Chief’s Office: The Police Chief heads the department and is responsible for overseeing all law enforcement operations in Page. They collaborate with other agencies and community leaders to develop strategic plans for crime prevention and maintaining public safety.
  • Patrol Division: The Patrol Division is the police department’s main pillar, responsible for patrolling the city, responding to emergencies, and handling various calls for service. Officers in this unit are frequently the first responders to incidents and play an important role in keeping the peace.
  • Criminal Investigations Division: This division is in charge of investigating major crimes such as homicides, robberies, and sexual assaults. This unit’s detectives gather evidence, interview witnesses, and work tirelessly to bring criminals to justice.
  • Community Relations Unit: Building strong relationships with the community is a priority for the Page Police Department. The Community Relations Unit organizes outreach programs, community events, and educational initiatives to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the public.
  • Traffic Division: Responsible for enforcing traffic laws and ensuring road safety, the Traffic Division conducts speed enforcement, investigates traffic accidents, and educates the public about safe driving practices.a

History of the Page Police Department

The Page Police Department’s history dates back to the establishment of the city itself. As Page grew from a small settlement to a vibrant community, the need for a dedicated law enforcement agency became evident. The department’s early years were marked by challenges, but with the continuous support of the community and city officials, it evolved into a modern and efficient police force.

Throughout the years, the Page Police Department has adapted to changing crime trends and technology advancements. Its commitment to professional development and training has allowed the department to stay at the forefront of law enforcement practices, ensuring the safety of residents and visitors alike.

How the Page Police Department Serves the Area

The Page Police Department takes its commitment to the community seriously, aiming to serve with professionalism and dedication. It actively engages with the residents through various initiatives:

  • Community Policing: The department promotes community policing, which emphasizes building strong relationships with the public. Officers work closely with neighborhood associations, schools, and local businesses to address specific concerns and create safer communities.
  • Crime Prevention Programs: The Page Police Department conducts crime prevention programs to educate the public about safety measures and proactive approaches to reduce criminal activities. These programs empower individuals to take an active role in safeguarding their neighborhoods.
  • Public Safety Collaborations: The department collaborates with other public safety agencies, including fire departments and emergency medical services, to coordinate responses during emergencies and natural disasters. This ensures a comprehensive and effective approach to public safety.

The Page Police Department plays a vital role in maintaining peace and order in the city of Page, Arizona. With a focus on integrity, compassion, and community involvement, the department strives to create a safe environment for all residents. From its various divisions, each dedicated to specific functions, to its long-standing history and commitment to serving the community, the Page Police Department continues to make a significant impact in the area it serves.


808 Coppermine Rd, Page, AZ 86040, United States