What Are the Different Units of the Pasadena Police Department?

Leading the Pasadena Police Department is Chief of Police Josh Bruegger. Under his stewardship, the department boasts several key units that contribute to its efficiency:

  • Chief’s Office: The epicenter of departmental operations, the Chief’s Office oversees the entirety of the department’s functions and works towards its continuous improvement.
  • Assistant ChiefInvestigations (Kevin Wingerson): Tasked with probing into crimes, gathering evidence, and ensuring culprits are brought to book, this unit is vital for criminal justice.
  • Assistant Chief-Administration (Jerry Wright): Administering and coordinating daily operational activities, this unit ensures the department runs like a well-oiled machine.
  • Assistant ChiefOperations (Thomas Warnke): This unit ensures that officers are well-deployed, equipped, and prepared to respond to emergencies and maintain public order.
  • Administrative Sergeant (Devin Franklund): Overseeing administrative tasks, this role ensures the smooth functioning of the department behind the scenes.
  • Research & Development (Donna Grear): Keeping the department updated with modern policing methods, strategies, and tools, this unit plays a pivotal role in its advancement.
  • Payroll (Kelli Osborne): Managing finances and ensuring all department personnel are compensated; this unit plays a significant role in staff motivation.
  • Planning & Research: Essential for long-term strategy and policy formation, this section provides the blueprint for the department’s future.

What is the History of the Pasadena Police Department?

The Pasadena Police Department has a rich history, deeply intertwined with the development and growth of Pasadena, Texas itself. Established to serve and protect, the department has evolved over the years, embracing modern policing techniques while holding onto its core values. Generations of dedicated officers have passed through its ranks, each contributing to the legacy of ensuring a safe and secure environment for the residents of Pasadena.

How Does the Pasadena Police Department Serve the Area?

The relationship between the Pasadena Police Department and the community it serves is foundational to its success. Recognizing the importance of community policing, the department actively engages residents in dialogue, understanding their concerns and building trust. By hosting town-hall meetings, community outreach programs, and educational sessions, the department ensures open channels of communication with the public.

Collaborative efforts extend beyond dialogues. The department partners with local organizations, schools, and other entities, working hand-in-hand to address community concerns and implement proactive measures. These partnerships amplify the department’s reach and impact, ensuring a collective approach to safety and security.

The Pasadena Police Department leverages technology to its advantage. With platforms like social media and dedicated websites, they keep the community informed about safety measures, advisories, and updates. This not only aids transparency but also ensures a two-way flow of information.

Feedback is of paramount importance. The department encourages residents to voice their opinions, compliments, or complaints, ensuring they continually refine their operations to meet community expectations. In serving the area, the Pasadena Police Department exemplifies the essence of community collaboration and dedication to duty.

Address: 1201 Davis Street, Pasadena, TX 77506


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