What Are the Different Units of the Pittsburg Police Department?

  • Chief Executive Officer: The apex of the Pittsburg Police Department’s hierarchy is held by the Chief of Police, who oversees the strategic planning and day-to-day functioning of the department.
  • Community Partnership Wing: This division is dedicated to building and maintaining strong ties with the local community. They focus on open dialogues and create avenues for constructive feedback, ensuring the police are in tune with the needs and sentiments of the residents.
  • Safety and Security Unit: Primarily responsible for patrolling, crime investigation, and maintaining public order, this unit is the backbone of the department. They ensure that Pittsburg remains a safe haven for all its inhabitants.
  • Training and Professional Excellence Wing: This wing ensures that the police officers are provided with the latest training, tools, and knowledge. They uphold the standards of professionalism and excellence that the department is renowned for.
  • Psychological Services Unit: Recognizing the importance of mental well-being, this section provides counseling services, not only to officers but also to the public, helping them navigate through traumatic incidents.
  • Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit: With a track record of numerous awards for their excellent work, this division is responsible for ensuring smooth traffic flow and the safety of pedestrians and drivers alike.

What is the History of the Pittsburg Police Department?

The Pittsburg Police Department traces its roots back to the early days of Pittsburg’s establishment. As the city grew, so did the challenges of maintaining law and order. Recognizing the need for a structured law enforcement agency, the city established the department to safeguard its citizens and ensure public order. Over the years, it has evolved, adopting modern policing techniques, and has been a crucial pillar in shaping the city into the secure and thriving community it is today.

How Does the Pittsburg Police Department Serve the Area?

The Pittsburg Police Department is deeply committed to serving its community with passion and dedication. Through continuous collaboration with the community, they’ve managed to strike a harmonious balance, weaving themselves into the fabric of Pittsburg society. This symbiotic relationship is strengthened by their regular engagement in community outreach programs, aiming to address societal issues at the grassroots level.

The department doesn’t limit its services to just maintaining law and order. By recognizing exemplary talents within its ranks, such as Officer Robert Kaihe, with his background in psychological services, it can provide additional layers of support to those in need. This holistic approach to policing ensures that the community sees them as allies and partners rather than just enforcers.

Initiatives such as the introduction of community service specialists such as Alicia, who has been a member of the Pittsburg family for several years, aid in bridging the gap between the police and the community. Such roles help in understanding community concerns more deeply and pave the way for more effective policing strategies.

Awards and recognitions, like the AAA Community Traffic Safety Awards, showcase the department’s relentless commitment to excellence. It serves as a testament to their continuous efforts to make Pittsburg a better place for everyone.


Address: 65 Civic Ave, Pittsburg, California, 94565.


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