What Are the Different Sections of the Placentia Police Department?

  • Patrol Unit: This is usually the frontline of any police department. Officers in this division regularly patrol neighborhoods, respond to emergency calls, and ensure the general safety of the public.
  • Criminal Investigation Division (CID): Detectives in this division handle major crimes and conduct thorough investigations to gather evidence, solve cases, and ensure justice.
  • Community Outreach Unit: Engages with the community, organizing events and workshops to foster a better relationship between the police and residents.
  • Traffic and Accident Division: Focuses on maintaining road safety, investigating traffic accidents, and ensuring the rules of the road are adhered to.
  • Special Response Team (SRT): This unit handles high-risk operations, including counter-terrorism, hostage situations, and other emergency scenarios.

What is the History of the Placentia Police Department?

Established to serve and protect the citizens of Placentia, the Placentia Police Department has seen significant evolution over the years. With the growth of the city, the department has expanded its workforce, updated its equipment, and broadened its service offerings. The department’s commitment to integrating modern policing techniques while staying rooted in community values has been a hallmark of its long-standing tradition of excellence.

How Does the Placentia Police Department Serve the Community?

The Placentia Police Department is not just about law enforcement; it’s deeply embedded within the community it serves. Through various programs and services, it ensures a comprehensive approach to public safety. The department’s Facebook page stands as a testament to its dedication to staying connected with the residents, providing timely updates, and fostering open communication.

Collaboration with society is evident in the Placentia Police Department’s approach. They not only deal with criminal elements but also work hand-in-hand with residents to ensure a cohesive living environment. Initiatives such as community policing emphasize the importance of mutual respect and trust between the police and the public.

The department actively seeks feedback and involvement from the community. Events and workshops provide an avenue for residents to learn more about policing, understand their rights, and collaborate on strategies to make Placentia safer.

The Placentia Police Department, with its dedication to service, community engagement, and upholding the law, is a shining example of modern policing rooted in traditional values. The residents of Placentia can rest easy knowing they have such a committed team working for their safety.


Address: 401 E Chapman Ave, Placentia, CA 92870, United States