What Are the Different Sections of the Plano Police Department?

At the helm of the Department is the Chief of Police, Ed Drain, entrusted with the responsibility of steering the organization toward the realization of its mission and objectives. Several key divisions make up the Department, each playing a unique role. These include:

  • Accreditation Unit: This unit ensures the Department is meeting the nationally set standards for law enforcement agencies, contributing to high-quality policing services.
  • Patrol Division: Often the first point of contact for citizens in distress, the Patrol Division is responsible for responding to calls and keeping a vigilant eye on community activities.
  • Criminal Investigations Division: Tasked with solving crimes and bringing perpetrators to justice, this division conducts thorough investigations, analyses, and follow-ups.
  • Community Services Division: This Division strives to strengthen relationships between the Police and the community through outreach programs and educational initiatives.

What is the History of the Plano Police Department?

Since its establishment, the Plano Police Department has been committed to maintaining the peace and ensuring the safety of the city’s residents. With each passing year, it has evolved and adapted to changing societal dynamics, embracing new technologies and continually refining its policing strategies. The history of the Department is a testament to its unwavering dedication to public service and law enforcement excellence.

How Does the Plano Police Department Serve the People?

The Plano Police Department is more than just a law enforcement agency. It is a community partner, cultivating a collaborative relationship based on mutual trust and respect. One of its primary responsibilities is to address community concerns proactively, whether through patrolling neighborhoods or responding to emergency calls.

Equally significant is the Department’s endeavor to engage with the community. By conducting outreach programs and educational initiatives and maintaining active communication channels, the Department strengthens the bond with residents. This community-oriented approach facilitates better understanding, leading to tailored strategies to combat local challenges.

The Department is also committed to helping residents in their times of need. Recently, the community rallied around a retired Plano police officer who had to undergo an amputation due to injury, a heartwarming reflection of the connection between the Department and the community it serves. In essence, the Plano Police Department is not just a keeper of peace but a custodian of the city’s well-being, continually striving for a safer, more harmonious Plano.

Address: 909 14th St, Plano, TX 75074-5803


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