What Are the Different Sections of the Pleasanton Police Department?

At the helm of the Pleasanton Police Department is Chief David Swing, a dedicated leader overseeing the operations and ensuring the department meets its goals. Under his leadership, the department is divided into specialized units and teams to cater to different facets of law enforcement. These units include:

  • Operations Division: This unit is tasked with the crucial role of patrolling the city and responding to calls for service. They are the front-line defenders and also manage the traffic unit and the Alternate Response Unit (ARU).


  • Investigations Division: Responsible for probing deeper into criminal activities, this division manages the Criminal Investigations Unit. Apart from that, they also oversee Youth and Community Services, Personnel and Training, Special Enforcement Unit, and even the community outreach initiatives. They ensure that the department’s personnel receive the necessary training and comply with the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).


  • Support Services Division: This division provides essential support to the department’s activities. They manage Dispatch and Records and are responsible for maintaining and managing public records. Additional units include SWAT, K-9, Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), and Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT), offering a more specialized approach to various situations.

What is the History of the Pleasanton Police Department?

The Pleasanton Police Department has a storied history that’s deeply intertwined with the city’s growth. While its early beginnings were modest, the department has grown in strength, numbers, and capability, reflecting the city’s expansion and the evolving needs of its residents. Over the years, it has seamlessly adapted to the changing times, leveraging technology and innovative policing techniques to serve the community better.

How Does the Pleasanton Police Department Serve the Community?

The Pleasanton Police Department goes beyond just enforcing the law. Their commitment to the community is evident in their proactive initiatives and community-centric programs. The department believes in collaborating with the public to ensure safety and harmony. Their dedication to the community extends to the realms of outreach and education, as showcased by their involvement in programs like DARE, which has touched the lives of many students.

The department’s approach to law enforcement is not just about reacting to crime but preventing it. This proactive stance is why Pleasanton enjoys a high quality of life. Their recent initiatives include introducing platforms for the public to stay updated on police activities and gain insights into the crimes reported in different parts of the city. Such platforms aim to ensure transparency and foster trust between the police and the community.

The Pleasanton Police Department values feedback from its residents. They encourage the public to interact with them, be it for sharing concerns, suggestions, or seeking assistance. This open channel of communication ensures that the community feels heard and that their concerns are addressed promptly.

The Pleasanton Police Department (California) is more than just a law enforcement agency. It’s an institution deeply embedded in the community’s fabric, continuously working towards creating a safer, harmonious, and prosperous Pleasanton.


Address: 4833 Bernal Avenue, PO Box 909, Pleasanton, CA 94566


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