What Are the Different Divisions of the Pomona Police Department?

Mayor Tim Sandoval oversees the governance of Pomona city, including the police department.

Major Units and Sections:

  • Front Desk: Operational from Monday to Thursday between 8:30 am – 5:30 pm, this unit caters to various public services, including:
    • Alarm permit and payment processing
    • Bicycle registration
    • Fingerprinting services
    • Prescription medication disposal
  • Major Crimes Task Force: An elite unit dedicated to investigating significant criminal activities, ensuring justice, and maintaining peace.
  • Traffic Division: This division is responsible for managing traffic, investigating road mishaps, and ensuring safety on the roads.
  • Internal Affairs: This section ensures that the department’s officers adhere to the highest standards of conduct and ethics in order to maintain the force’s integrity.
  • Community Outreach and Programs: This sector focuses on engaging with the public through events like the Summer Day Camp for children and Area Commander Meetings at various locales like Ganesha Park and Palomares Park Community Center.

What is the History of the Pomona Police Department?

The Pomona Police Department can be traced back to the city’s early days. Pomona was founded in the 1830s and named after the Roman goddess of fruitful abundance. It was incorporated in 1888. Over the decades, the police department evolved, adapting to the city’s changing dynamics and requirements. From horse-mounted officers patrolling the city’s streets to the modern, technologically advanced force of today, the department has always prioritized the safety and well-being of its residents.

How Does the Pomona Police Department Serve the Community?

  • Building Trust through Community Engagement: The Pomona Police Department is not just about enforcing the law; it’s about building bridges with the community. Regular Area Commander Meetings allow residents to meet with officers, voice concerns, and learn more about local law enforcement activities. These gatherings, often accompanied by treats like hamburgers or pizza, foster a spirit of unity and mutual respect.
  • Educational Programs and Public Awareness: With a focus on prevention, the department offers numerous programs aimed at educating the public. Whether it’s teaching children about safety during their Summer Day Camp or enlightening adults about crime prevention, the aim is clear: an informed community is a safer community.
  • Collaboration and Support: The department works hand in hand with other local entities such as HEART, Traffic, Code Compliance, and Athens Services. By pooling resources and expertise, the Pomona Police Department ensures a holistic approach to community safety and well-being.

The Pomona Police Department, with its dedication, professionalism, and community-centric approach, serves as an exemplar of law enforcement done right. Their efforts underline the essence of what it means to protect and serve.

Address: 490 W Mission Blvd, Pomona, California, 91766.


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