What Are the Different Units of the Porterville Police Department?

The leadership of the Porterville Police Department starts with the Chief of Police. Overseeing various sections and units, the Chief ensures that each segment is run efficiently to maintain public safety and uphold the law. Here are some of the major sections:

  • Administrative Section: Headed by Chief Jake Castellow, this section deals with the overarching administration of the police department. The Chief’s Administrative Assistant, Melinda Rios, and Admin Sgt. Orlando Ortiz is a key figure in this section.


  • Investigations/Services: Directed by Captain Dominic Barteau and Invest. Lt. Bruce Sokoloff, this section delves deep into investigations, ensuring that cases are solved and justice is served. They are assisted by a strong team, including the likes of GIU Sgt. Jose Dominguez and Services Lt. Ron Moore.


  • Patrol Unit: Captain Josh Manis spearheads this section. The team consists of Patrol Secretary Tiffany Savoie and Patrol Lieutenants such as Mark Azevedo and Rose Gurule. Their main focus is patrolling the area, preventing crime, and ensuring the public’s safety.
  • Hotlines: This unit provides a confidential platform for citizens to report crimes anonymously. It also aids in the removal of graffiti, helping keep the city clean.


  • Specialized Units: The department boasts specialized units like Tactical Operations/SWAT. These units tackle high-risk operations, ensuring the safety of both officers and the general public.

What is the History of the Porterville Police Department?

The Porterville Police Department has roots that extend deep into the city’s history. From humble beginnings, the Porterville PD has developed and evolved in response to the changing Porterville community needs. Over the years, the department has faced numerous challenges, yet its commitment to serving the public has never wavered. The force of today stands as a testament to decades of hard work, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to justice.

How Does the Porterville Police Department Serve the People?

The Porterville PD isn’t just about enforcing the law; it’s about forming a symbiotic relationship with the community. The officers are a part of the community they serve, understanding its dynamics and needs. Through community policing initiatives, the department ensures a two-way dialogue with the public, taking feedback and incorporating it into its strategies.

Programs such as the Juvenile Diversion and Crime Prevention under Marcial Morales showcase the department’s commitment to shaping a safer future. These initiatives focus on steering young individuals away from crime and educating the public about preventive measures.

The Porterville PD collaborates with local entities like the Porterville Chamber of Commerce. Such collaborations help in understanding the needs of businesses and ensuring their safety, thereby bolstering the local economy.

The recent involvement in investigating a homicide underscores the seriousness with which the Porterville PD approaches its duties. Their dedication to unraveling the truth and ensuring justice is a clear indicator of their commitment to the community. With a drive to serve and protect, the Porterville Police Department remains an unwavering pillar of security in the area.

Address: 350 North D Street, Porterville, California 93257


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