Sections of the Prince George's County Police Department

Under the strong leadership of the Chief of Police, Malik Aziz, the PGPD is divided into multiple sections that contribute to the overall mission of maintaining peace and order. 

  • Field Operations Division: This unit is at the forefront of law enforcement activities and directly engages with the community. Its officer’s patrol streets, respond to emergencies, and ensure public safety.
  • Support Services Division: This section facilitates the smooth running of the department through various functions such as logistics, equipment management, and administrative support.
  • Eight District Stations: These stations serve specific geographic areas within Prince George’s County, allowing for a targeted approach to local law enforcement. They form the backbone of the PGPD’s ground-level operations.
  • Police Jail: This facility is managed by the department and is responsible for the secure and humane detention of folks awaiting trial or serving sentences.

History of the Prince George's County Police Department

The history of the PGPD dates back to June 1, 1931, when it was established in response to the growing population and crime rates of Prince George’s County. Prior to this, the county was chiefly policed by the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office, with assistance from Baltimore City Police detectives for serious crimes. The formation of the PGPD marked a turning point in the county’s approach to law enforcement, placing a larger emphasis on local policing.

The department has seen considerable growth over the decades, increasing its number of officers, expanding its jurisdiction, and developing specialized units to address diverse public safety needs. Its journey mirrors the evolution of the county itself, reflecting changes in demographics, societal values, and crime trends.

Serving the Area: The Prince George's County Police Department and the Community

As the central law enforcement agency, the PGPD prides itself on its strong relationship with the community. It holds a steadfast commitment to protecting the diverse demographic and geographic area it serves, leveraging collaboration with local residents, business owners, and other stakeholders to effectively tackle crime and uphold the rule of law.

Community engagement is a cornerstone of the PGPD’s approach. The department works closely with local neighborhoods, hosting public events and engaging in open dialogues to understand the unique challenges each area faces. Through fostering trust and mutual respect with the people they serve, officers can better address public safety concerns and build a safer environment for all.

Additionally, the PGPD collaborates with other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to maintain peace and stability. For instance, it hosts federal facilities such as Joint Base Andrews and Census Bureau HQ. This level of partnership and cooperation reinforces the department’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of Prince George’s County, regardless of the challenges that may arise.


Address: 7600 Barlowe Rd, Palmer Park, Maryland, 20785-4122.


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