The Structure and Functionality of the Quartzsite Police Department

At the helm of the department is the Chief of Police, Clay Romo. The department is broken down into various sections, each carrying its distinctive responsibility.

  • The Emergency Services: This section handles all immediate threats to the life and property of the citizens. It is the first port of call in times of crisis. Dial 9-1-1 to reach this department.
  • The Non-Emergency Services: This is the section to call for non-life-threatening situations that still require police attention. Their contact numbers are (888) 818-4911 or (928) 669-2281.
  • The Records Department: This section manages police records, stolen vehicle details, and sex offender information. They assist in matters related to legal documentation and provide essential data for investigations.
  • The Community Services: This section primarily handles ATV regulations and encourages the public to report criminal activity. They play a key role in fostering strong relationships between the police and the community.

The History of the Quartzsite Police Department

The Quartzsite Police Department’s history mirrors that of the town itself. While the specifics of the department’s early years remain sparse, it has grown alongside the town, adapting to the unique challenges posed by Quartzsite’s geographical location and demographics. The department continues to modernize, improving its strategies and tactics to better serve the community.

In recent years, the department has made significant strides in enhancing its communication and engagement with the community. Their willingness to adapt to evolving times and situations has led to the creation of a more inclusive, community-oriented approach to policing.

The Quartzsite Police Department and Its Role within the Community

The Quartzsite Police Department has an entrenched presence in the local community, going beyond mere law enforcement. The department actively engages in collaborative efforts with local organizations and citizens, fostering a sense of shared responsibility for public safety.

They aim to promote an atmosphere of transparency and mutual trust. Citizens are encouraged to report criminal activities, fostering a collaborative effort to maintain law and order. The department’s approachable demeanor, coupled with various community-centric programs, has fostered a relationship of trust and respect with the citizens they serve.

The Quartzsite Police Department is accessible to all citizens, offering facilities such as wheelchair accessibility and convenient parking. They have embraced the digital age, maintaining a consistent online presence and providing web resources for their community. Their commitment to the community goes beyond traditional law enforcement, embracing a holistic approach to public safety that truly serves the people of Quartzsite, Arizona.


The Quartzsite Police Department stands at 305 Plymouth Rd, Quartzsite, AZ 85346, United States. The department can be reached by phone at (928) 927-4644.