What Are the Different Sections of the Redlands Police Department?

The RPD is helmed by the Chief of Police, a role that carries immense responsibility and a deep connection to the community. The message from the chief to the community reflects their determination and perseverance to serve the people of Redlands.

Major Units of the Redlands Police Department:

  • Special Services Bureau: Overseeing specialized operations and services, this unit is dedicated to addressing specific community needs and concerns. The chief, before ascending to their current role, served as the commander of this bureau, highlighting its significance within the department.
    Emergency Response Team: Trained to handle high-pressure situations, this team responds swiftly to critical incidents, ensuring safety and peace are restored.
  • Community Engagement Unit: This unit fosters partnerships between the police and the community, focusing on outreach, education, and proactive policing strategies.
  • Data Collection & Compliance Unit: As demonstrated in their annual surprise checks for sex offenders, this unit plays an essential role in maintaining public safety and ensuring laws are upheld. Their meticulous fieldwork and data management ensure timely updates and stringent observance of mandates.

What is the History of the Redlands Police Department?

RPD has a rich history rooted in its service since its early days. The current police chief began their career as an intern with the department in 1997. Their journey from an intern to the Chief of Police showcases not only their personal dedication but also the department’s commitment to nurturing and promoting talent. The department has seen various developments over the years, with every leader bringing in their unique touch and direction, ensuring that RPD remains at the forefront of community-centric policing.

How Does the Redlands Police Department Serve the Area?

The Redlands Police Department isn’t just about enforcing the law; it’s about building bridges and fostering a bond with the community. The essence of RPD’s community involvement is evident in its proactive engagement strategies. A shining example of this is their response to a shooting in 2011. Instead of merely pursuing the culprits, RPD, along with local church officials, walked side by side with the community in a prayer walk, symbolizing unity against violence.

Such efforts highlight how RPD strives to be more than just a law enforcement agency. They seek to be partners in building a better community. Their collaboration with various community groups and organizations allows for open dialogue and mutual understanding. These associations, whether personal or professional, underscore the department’s commitment to being an integral part of the very fabric of Redlands society.

RPD’s dedication to community outreach and policing sets it apart. By continuously updating its methods, such as replacing manual data entry processes with more efficient systems, RPD ensures that it remains agile, responsive, and always ready to serve. Their focus on collaboration, transparency, and mutual respect makes them not just guardians of the city but also its trusted allies.

The Redlands Police Department embodies what community policing should look like. With a rich history, dedicated units catering to specific needs, and an unwavering focus on community engagement, RPD stands as a shining example of excellence in service.


Address: 30 Cajon St., Redlands, CA 92373


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