What Are the Different Sections of the Redondo Beach Police Department?

Keith Kauffman, Police Chief: Leading the way in law enforcement, Keith Kauffman serves as the head of the Redondo Beach Police Department, ensuring the mission and vision of the department are upheld.

  • Main Station: Located at 401 Diamond Street, this is the primary facility for the police department. It operates 24/7 and provides a range of services to the community. The Main Station offers administrative services, emergency dispatch, crime reporting, and a dedicated records unit.
  • Pier Sub-Station: This sub-station, situated at 133 West Torrance Boulevard, is an extended arm of the department but isn’t regularly staffed. While not constantly manned, it serves as an important outpost, assisting in covering more ground and ensuring the safety of the areas it oversees.
  • North Redondo Sub-Station: Found at 1922 Artesia Boulevard, this is another crucial sub-station that aids the main station in its duties. The North Redondo Sub-Station, like the Pier Sub-Station, is not always staffed but plays an important role in ensuring the safety and security of its jurisdiction.

What is the History of the Redondo Beach Police Department?

The roots of the Redondo Beach Police Department can be traced back to May 9, 1892. It was a time when Marshall S. Rogers was appointed as the city’s first marshal, marking the inception of what would become a respected and innovative law enforcement body. From humble beginnings with a single marshal to over 200 sworn officers and employees today, the RBPD has evolved, adapting to the unique challenges posed by beach-city life and the rapidly changing times.

How Does the Redondo Beach Police Department Serve the People?

The Redondo Beach Police Department doesn’t just enforce the law; it actively engages with the community. It has built a reputation for not only ensuring safety but also for fostering relationships, ensuring that every resident feels heard, protected, and part of a unified community.

Their vision statement, “We Are the Community Leading the Way in Law Enforcement,” speaks volumes about their dedication to community engagement. It signifies a mutual relationship where the police and the people coalesce, understanding and supporting each other.

In addition to the traditional roles of crime prevention and law enforcement, the department often collaborates with community groups, hosting outreach programs, educational sessions, and public safety initiatives. The bond between the RBPD and the community isn’t just professional; it’s deeply personal.

Testimonials and reviews from residents highlight the department’s commitment. Many appreciate the RBPD’s proactive approach, where officers often go beyond the call of duty to assist and protect. Such actions reflect the true essence of community policing, where the objective isn’t just to enforce but to care, serve, and connect.

For Redondo Beach, its police department isn’t just about badges and uniforms. It’s about a shared goal, mutual respect, and an unwavering bond, ensuring that every resident sleeps peacefully, knowing they are in safe hands.


Address: 401 Diamond St. Redondo Beach, CA 90277


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