What Are the Different Units the Riverside County Sheriff's Department?

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, currently led by Sheriff Chad Bianco, is divided into several specialized units, each with a distinct function:

  • Patrol Units: These units are dispatched from ten patrol stations across the county, providing immediate response to emergency and non-emergency calls.
  • Investigation Units: These teams, such as the one at Lake Elsinore Sheriff’s Station, conduct investigations into serious crimes like sexual assault and other significant incidents reported in the county.
  • Traffic Team: Operating out of locations like the Southwest Station, this unit focuses on road safety and enforcement of traffic laws. They conduct operations like court stings to ensure adherence to traffic regulations.
  • Court Services: These units oversee security and order within the Riverside County court system, serving court documents and protecting court officials, jurors, and witnesses.
  • Jail Facilities: The Sheriff’s Department manages the county’s jail facilities, providing security and ensuring the welfare of inmates.

What is the History of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department?

Established in the late 19th century, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has grown with the county itself, evolving to meet the changing needs of a diverse and expanding population. From its humble beginnings as a small force dealing with local issues, the department has grown to provide comprehensive law enforcement services to a region stretching from the Orange County line in the west to the Colorado River and the Arizona border in the east.

How Does the Riverside County Sheriff's Department Serve the Community?

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is deeply integrated into the local community, working to maintain public safety, uphold law and order, and build strong relationships with residents. The Department often collaborates with other local agencies, such as the Blythe Police Department and the United States Border Patrol, to conduct joint operations and training exercises.

The Sheriff’s Department is committed to educating the public about safety, as evidenced by their efforts during Back to School Safety Month. During this period, they remind residents to be extra cautious, especially when driving through school zones. This is part of their ongoing work to create a safer community environment.

The Department is not without its challenges. In recent times, they have faced criticism and scrutiny due to concerns about jail conditions and inmate deaths, prompting a civil rights investigation by the state attorney general. Despite these challenges, the Department continues to strive for transparency and accountability.

Through its many units and efforts, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department demonstrates its commitment to serving the public, enforcing the law, and maintaining a safe, secure environment for all Riverside County residents. The Department’s work is a critical component of community life in Riverside County, playing an essential role in shaping the region’s future.


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