What Are the Different Divisions of the Rocklin Police Department?

  • Patrol Unit: This is the most visible unit in any police department. Officers in this unit are responsible for patrolling the streets, responding to emergency calls, and ensuring the overall safety of the community.
  • Investigative Division: Focused on solving crimes, this unit dives deep into complex cases, utilizing forensic tools and detective work to bring criminals to justice.
  • Communication Division: Serving as the bridge between the community and the police, this unit manages the 911 calls and dispatches units where needed. With the recent inclusion of the “Text to 911” service, they ensure all residents, including the hearing and speech impaired, have the means to reach out in emergencies.
  • Community Outreach and Public Relations: This unit engages with the community, providing safety tips and updates. Their recent advice about the increase in wallet thefts is a testament to their continuous effort to keep the public informed and vigilant.
  • Administrative Services: Responsible for the internal workings of the department; this unit handles tasks like record-keeping, HR functions, and financial management.

What is the History of the Rocklin Police Department?

The Rocklin Police Department has been a cornerstone of safety in the Rocklin community for many years. Over the years, the department has adapted to the changing times, incorporating new technologies and services, such as the recent “Text to 911” feature, ensuring that all members of the community can easily and safely reach out during emergencies.

How Does the Rocklin Police Department Serve the Area?

The Rocklin Police Department deeply values its relationship with the community. They continually emphasize transparency, as shown by their transparency link, ensuring that the public is always informed about their operations and decisions. Furthermore, they take a proactive approach to safety, regularly sharing tips and updates with the public. A recent example is their advisory about increased wallet thefts, where they not only informed residents about the risk but also shared preventive measures to ensure their safety.

Collaboration with society is at the heart of Rocklin PD’s operations. They encourage community members to be vigilant and promote the mantra, “If you see something, say something.” This collaborative spirit has created a bond of trust between the department and the residents, ensuring that they work hand-in-hand for the safety of the community.

The Rocklin PD believes in inclusivity. The “Text to 911” service stands as a testament to this belief. By ensuring that hearing and speech-impaired residents have an alternative means to reach out in emergencies, the department emphasizes that everyone’s safety is their priority.

The Rocklin Police Department is more than just a law enforcement agency. It’s a community partner dedicated to ensuring that Rocklin remains a safe and prosperous city for all its residents. With their commitment to transparency, community collaboration, and inclusivity, they are a shining example of how a police department can genuinely serve its community.


Address: 4060 Rocklin Rd, Rocklin, California, 95677.


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