Sections of the Safford Police Department

The Safford Police Department, under the headship of its Chief, is structured into several sections to streamline its operations. These divisions each hold unique responsibilities to facilitate the effective functioning of the law enforcement entity:

  • Criminal Investigations Unit: This unit is tasked with probing into criminal activities, gathering necessary evidence, and ensuring justice prevails by facilitating the conviction of law offenders.
  • Highway Patrol Unit: Officers in this division monitor the roads and highways, enforce traffic laws, and ensure safety for all motorists and pedestrians alike.
  • Records Request Unit: This section oversees the collection, storage, and provision of police records upon legitimate requests while ensuring privacy and data protection norms are strictly adhered to.
  • Tow Truck Application and Licensing Services: A somewhat unconventional division, it oversees the application, vetting, and licensing of tow truck services, ensuring they meet the required standards and regulations.

What is the History the Safford Police Department?

Over the years, the Safford Police Department has evolved to meet the needs of the growing community it serves. Recognizing the inadequacy of its previous facility, the department embarked on the construction of a new 6,000 sq ft Police Station at 523 S 10th Avenue. The upgraded station, completed in February 2021, now houses amenities such as evidence storage and investigator’s offices, aiding in the improved delivery of its law enforcement duties.

How the Safford Police Department Serves the Area

At the heart of the Safford Police Department’s operations is a strong commitment to fostering a synergistic relationship with the community it serves. Through consistent interaction and collaboration, the department seeks to uphold public trust, build robust partnerships, and engage the citizenry in maintaining law and order.

The department works hand-in-hand with other local entities, such as the Graham County Courthouse, ensuring the smooth execution of legal proceedings. It also stands as a beacon within the community, with its location near key areas such as Lone Star and Thatcher, ensuring accessibility for all residents.

The Safford Police Department strives to provide the utmost service to the citizens of Safford, Arizona, embodying the very essence of community policing. By embracing innovation, nurturing community relations, and upholding professionalism, the department remains a model institution within the sphere of local law enforcement.

Address: 525 S 10th Ave, Safford, AZ 85546, United States

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