Key Sections of the Saint Paul Police Department

Heading the SPPD as of November 2022 is the 42nd Chief of Police, Axel Henry. He presides over several major units within the department, each playing a significant role in maintaining law and order within Saint Paul:

  • Sworn Officers: With 575 in number, these law enforcement officials are at the heart of operations, performing active police duties.
  • Non-sworn Officials: Comprising 200 members, this unit supports the operational work of the department in various non-policing roles, such as administrative tasks.
  • Emergency Response Unit: Tasked with providing immediate responses to urgent and life-threatening situations.
  • Community Engagement Team: This section facilitates fostering of positive relationships with the community, bridging the gap between the department and the citizens it serves.

History of the Saint Paul Police Department

The history of the SPPD is as rich as it is varied. Its beginnings can be traced back to 1854, just a few years after Minnesota became a U.S. Territory and Saint Paul was designated as the county seat and territorial capital. Throughout its existence, the department has weathered turbulent times, including the gangster era of the 1930s. After the end of Prohibition in 1933, the department underwent significant changes and reforms under a new progressive administration, effectively ending its reputation as a sanctuary for mobsters.

Since then, the SPPD has continued to evolve, reflecting societal changes and policing practices of the time. Notably, the officers’ uniforms have turned predominantly blue since the mid-1960s. Today, the department continues to serve the community with honor and integrity, ever committed to its founding principles.

How the Saint Paul Police Department Serves the Area

The Saint Paul Police Department plays a pivotal role in the daily life of the city’s residents. Not only does it enforce laws impartially, but it also protects the lives, property, and rights of the citizens of Saint Paul. At its core, the department is dedicated to maintaining peace, regulating traffic, and providing emergency services.

Beyond its policing roles, the SPPD actively fosters positive relationships with the community. The department is committed to community engagement, a fact highlighted by its efforts to regularly hold hiring sessions where applicants learn about the department and its values. This proactive engagement plays a crucial role in building trust and promoting understanding between the police force and the public.

Moreover, the SPPD also collaborates with other law enforcement agencies to provide comprehensive and exceptional police service. This inter-agency cooperation underscores its dedication to public safety and its commitment to serving the community effectively. Whether through proactive initiatives like crime prevention groups or essential services such as animal control, the SPPD continues to uphold its pledge of honor, integrity, and service to the people of Saint Paul.


Address: 367 Grove St., Saint Paul, Minnesota.


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