What Are the Different Units of the San Francisco Sheriff's Department?

  • Sheriff: The department is led by elected Sheriff Paul Miyamoto. Under his leadership, the department ensures the safety and security of San Francisco’s residents and its infrastructure.
  • County Jails Management: The SFSD is responsible for the maintenance and operation of county jails. They ensure inmates’ safety, provide necessary amenities, and manage day-to-day operations.
  • Emergency Services Unit: This is an elite and voluntary unit that trains for and responds to emergency situations on local, regional, and state levels. They aid other law enforcement agencies and play a vital role during crises.
  • Voting Process Safeguarding: The department is entrusted with the responsibility of transporting all voted ballots to a central counting location, ensuring the sanctity and integrity of the election process.
  • Civil Court Orders Execution: On behalf of plaintiffs, the SFSD performs civil court orders, ensuring that legal mandates are carried out appropriately.

What is the History of the San Francisco Sheriff's Department?

Founded in 1850, the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department is one of the city’s oldest law enforcement agencies. Throughout its rich history, it has adapted to the changing needs of the community, embracing modern law enforcement techniques while preserving its foundational principles. The SFSD has seen the city evolve and, in turn, has evolved with it, ensuring the safety and security of its residents.

How Does the San Francisco Sheriff's Department Serve the Area?

The SFSD’s commitment to the community is unwavering. They believe in upholding the First Amendment rights of individuals, emphasizing that expression should be conducted in a manner that respects others and their privacy. An example of this commitment can be seen in their swift response to breaches of security, ensuring that the safety and privacy of individuals, such as patients at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, are maintained.

Collaboration is a keyword for the SFSD. They work closely with other law enforcement agencies, including the San Francisco Police Department, to provide mutual aid and assistance. This collaboration ensures a rapid response in emergencies and a cohesive approach to handling issues, as seen with the strategy to combat the city’s worsening fentanyl crisis.

The department’s proactive approach to policing, like deploying emergency crews to high-risk areas, demonstrates its dedication to preventing crime and ensuring the safety of San Francisco’s residents. Additionally, they believe in addressing the root causes of issues. Sheriff Paul Miyamoto’s perspective on tackling drug addiction by guiding those affected toward proper programs exemplifies this philosophy.

Community engagement is paramount. The SFSD regularly updates its strategies, ensuring they align with the community’s needs and concerns. This dynamic approach, coupled with their long-standing history, solidifies the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department’s reputation as a pillar of the city’s safety and security framework.


Address: 400 McAllister St UNIT 517, San Francisco, CA 94102.