What Are the Different Divisions of the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office?

At the helm of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office is Sheriff Christina Corpus. Under her leadership, various units and sections contribute to the holistic functioning of the department. Some of the pivotal units include:

  • Community Engagement Unit: This unit focuses on nurturing relationships with residents, businesses, and stakeholders. Their role is pivotal in seeking innovative ways to work with the community, ensuring their needs are met while maintaining safety.
  • Bicycle Safety Division: With the objective of promoting road safety, this section educates and enforces the rules of the road, particularly for cyclists.
  • Ethics and Equity Unit: Dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the department, this unit ensures that all actions are conducted with the utmost ethics, fairness, and excellence.
  • Public Peace and Property Protection: As the name suggests, this unit is entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding life and property. Their commitment remains unyielding, acting without prejudice even in challenging situations.

What is the History of the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office?

The legacy of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office traces back to 1856, when the first sheriff took office. This followed the county’s incorporation from parts of San Francisco and Santa Cruz counties. With a continuous evolution over the years, the department has expanded in size and responsibility. The responsibility for providing law enforcement services for the City of Millbrae was transferred from the Millbrae Police Department to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office in 2012.

How Does the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Serve the Area?

In line with its motto, “People First Service Above Self,” the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office embraces its role as stewards of the community. They envision a world where humanity is valued and respected, and this vision guides their community interactions.

Their approach to community service extends beyond conventional policing. They actively engage in dialogues and programs to educate and uplift the community, as seen by their emphasis on bicycle safety. The goal is not just to enforce but to enlighten and create an environment where safety becomes a shared responsibility.

The department recognizes the importance of listening to the needs of residents, businesses, and stakeholders. By fostering open channels of communication, they remain proactive in addressing concerns and ensuring that the community feels seen, heard, and protected.

Their commitment to preserving safety is unwavering. Whether it’s clamping down on illegal fireworks or investigating domestic violence cases, the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office is always on the front lines, ensuring peace and order in the community they serve so passionately.


Address: 400 County Center, 3rd Floor, Redwood City, CA 94063