What Are the Different Units of the San Rafael Police Department?

The major sections or units of the police department often include:

  • Emergency Response Unit: Dedicated to responding to 911 calls and emergencies swiftly. They have been trained to deal with a varied range of situations. scenarios, from accidents to criminal incidents.


  • Community Outreach Division: A unit focused on building strong relationships with the community. They often conduct workshops, community meetings, and public awareness programs.


  • Criminal Investigation Division: Specialized in investigating serious crimes. Detectives in this division work diligently to solve cases and bring perpetrators to justice.


  • Traffic Division: Responsible for monitoring traffic, enforcing traffic laws, and handling incidents related to vehicles.


  • K9 Unit: Trained dogs assist in various police activities, from searching for drugs to tracking down suspects.

What is the History of the San Rafael Police Department?

Founded in 1855, the San Rafael Police Department stands as one of the oldest institutions in San Rafael, California. Over the years, the department has witnessed the city’s growth and transformation, adapting its strategies and operations to best serve its evolving community. From its humble beginnings to its present state, the San Rafael Police Department has been an enduring symbol of safety and order, committed to upholding the principles of justice and community welfare.

How Does the San Rafael Police Department Serve the People?

The San Rafael Police Department believes in proactive collaboration with the society it serves. One clear testament to this commitment is their effort to provide updated information to the public, such as weather alerts. For instance, they’ve kept the community informed about flood watches and high wind watches, emphasizing the need for preparedness and ensuring that everyone has the latest resources and information.

The department collaborates with partner agencies to create a cohesive approach toward safety and preparedness. Whether it’s an upcoming weather challenge or any other potential threat, the aim is to have everyone ready and aware rather than being caught off guard.

The department also goes beyond its call of duty by providing platforms for community members to voice their concerns, report issues, or seek assistance. For example, the San Rafael Police Department has an online presence on platforms like Next Door, keeping the community updated on crime and safety measures.

By fostering platforms for feedback and open channels for communication, the San Rafael Police Department ensures that every resident’s concerns are addressed. Whether it’s through community outreach programs or online portals, the primary goal remains the same: to work hand-in-hand with the community for a safer, more harmonious San Rafael.

Address: San Rafael Police Department 1375 Fifth Avenue San Rafael, CA 94901


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