What Are the Different Divisions of the San Ramon Police Department?

At the helm of the San Ramon Police Department is Chief of Police, Denton Carlson. Rising through the ranks, Denton began his law enforcement journey in 1998 and was appointed as the City’s fifth Police Chief in July 2022.

  • Operations Bureau: This bureau houses:
    • Patrol Division: Responsible for daily patrolling and on-ground operations.
    • Traffic Division: Focuses on maintaining traffic order and safety.
    • Youth Resources Division: Engages with the youth, ensuring their well-being and safety.
  • Administrative Services Bureau: This bureau includes:
    • Investigations Division: Tasked with probing deeper into crimes and ensuring justice.
    • Community Relations and Crime Prevention Division: Works on building rapport with the community and devising strategies to prevent crime.
    • Professional Standards and Training Division: Ensures that all officers are up-to-date with the latest training and upholds the department’s professional standards.
    • Records Division: Maintains and manages the department’s official records.

What is the History of the San Ramon Police Department?

The San Ramon Police Department has a rich history woven together by the men and women who have served the community with dedication. Chief Denton Carlson’s journey gives insight into its evolution. Starting as a Deputy Sheriff in 1998, Denton transitioned to serve San Ramon in 2002 through the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff as a contract police officer. His ascension to Police Chief showcases the growth and progression within the department.

How Does the San Ramon Police Department Serve the Community?

The San Ramon Police Department, beyond its primary duty of law enforcement, has built a strong bond with the community it serves. This is evident in their robust Community Relations and Crime Prevention Division, which actively works on creating a dialogue with the community, fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

Officers in San Ramon thrive on teamwork and camaraderie, which goes beyond the police station. They actively build relationships with the community, evidenced by statements from officers such as Lieutenant Leysy Pelayo and Officer Demetri Tyrovolas. The sentiment of “working with family” expressed by Officer Kyle Leano exemplifies the close-knit relationship within the department.

The San Ramon Police Department is not just reactive but also proactive. The department’s acknowledgment of incidents like the reprehensible actions in Memphis showcases its commitment to learning, evolving, and ensuring such incidents do not occur in their jurisdiction. They are keenly aware of the larger challenges law enforcement faces nationally and are determined to be a positive force for change.

Transparency and openness stand as pillars of their operation. With tools like the sex offender community awareness program and platforms for the community to ask questions, San Ramon Police ensure that the community is informed, involved, and assured of their safety.

The San Ramon Police Department is more than just a law enforcement agency; it’s a cornerstone of the community, always striving for excellence, community collaboration, and a safer tomorrow, all priorities.


Address: 2401 Crow Canyon Road San Ramon, CA 94583


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