Sections of the Savannah Police Department

Steering the immense operations of the Savannah Police Department is the Chief of Police, the top executive overseeing all sections of the department. Here are the major units within the organization, each playing an instrumental role:

  • Recruitment Unit: This team is responsible for attracting talented individuals who can uphold the department’s mission. With a starting pay of $50,013 and a comprehensive Lateral Entry Program for certified officers, they offer significant opportunities for those seeking a career in law enforcement.
  • Training Unit: This unit, which is critical for maintaining a highly skilled police force, provides officers with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to perform their duties effectively and safely.
  • Specialized Units: These include various divisions specializing in different types of law enforcement. Whether it’s traffic control, narcotics, or domestic violence, these specialized units ensure that each area of concern receives targeted attention.
  • Online Reporting Unit: A modern touch to policing, this unit facilitates the online reporting of incidents, ensuring that citizens can communicate their concerns directly to the department.

History of the Savannah Police Department

The Savannah Police Department, rooted in a rich history that spans over 153 years, has been a steadfast sentinel in the city. The department has evolved along with the city it serves, adapting to societal changes, technological advancements, and shifting crime patterns. Currently, the headquarters located on Habersham Street is undergoing extensive renovations, a testament to the department’s commitment to modernization and progress. In the interim, operations have been relocated to 6600 Abercorn Street, ensuring continued service to the community.

How the Savannah Police Department Serves the Area

The relationship between the Savannah Police Department and its community is one of mutual trust, respect, and collaboration. They work hand-in-hand to enhance public safety and well-being, demonstrating a strong commitment to community-oriented policing.

To understand the dynamics of local crime, the department harnesses the power of data. They actively use crime statistics to guide their efforts, even sharing such data with the public through platforms like the Savannah crime map. This level of transparency strengthens the community’s trust and helps residents make informed decisions about their safety.

The department plays an important role in community engagement initiatives, helping to foster a sense of unity and shared responsibility. One such initiative is the Explorer Program, an informative meeting that brings together local residents and police officers to discuss various matters concerning public safety and community welfare.

The department is tackling significant challenges like persistent gun violence proactively. Despite a considerable reduction in homicides, gun crimes remain a concern. Therefore, the department has embarked on a strategy of deploying officers strategically to hotspots, signifying their unwavering commitment to protecting and serving Savannah’s residents.


Address: 323 E Oglethorpe Ave, Savannah, Georgia, 31401-3833.


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