Sections of the Tallahassee Police Department

The TPD is structured into a variety of specialized units, each playing a critical role in the overall functionality and efficiency of the department. Let’s delve into the unique functions of these units:

  • Chief of Police: The linchpin of the TPD, the Chief of Police, oversees the entire operations, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in maintaining law and order.
  • Internal Affairs: Tasked with ensuring the ethical conduct of the force, this division handles investigations related to officer misconduct.
  • Development Bureau & Operations Bureau: These bureaus handle strategic planning and day-to-day operations, respectively, vital for the smooth running of the department.
  • Investigations & Crime Analysis Unit: Specializing in solving crimes and analyzing crime trends, these units play a crucial role in bringing offenders to justice and strategizing preventive measures.
  • Traffic Enforcement: Responsible for managing traffic and handling related violations, this unit aims to ensure safe roads for all.
  • Public Information Office & Records: These units manage the flow of information within the department and to the public, playing a pivotal role in maintaining transparency.
  • Towing Administration, Property & Evidence: They handle logistical aspects like vehicle towing and preserving evidence integral to investigations.
  • Technology & Special Operations: These units incorporate advanced technology into policing methods and handle critical, high-risk situations, respectively.

History of the Tallahassee Police Department

Established in 1826, soon after the city’s incorporation, the TPD is one of the oldest police departments in Florida. Throughout its existence, it has evolved, incorporating modern tools and techniques to fulfill its ever-growing responsibilities. The department has evolved to meet the evolving demands of the community it serves as the city has grown.

How the Tallahassee Police Department Serves the Area

The TPD is committed to fostering a safe and secure environment in Tallahassee through collaboration and open communication with the community. Services such as mental health response, special event permits, and satisfaction surveys emphasize their proactive approach to public safety.

The department’s handling of recent incidents, including a residential fire response and a fatal shooting arrest, testifies to their efficacy and readiness. They ensure safety while also respecting citizens’ rights, evidenced by their professionalism and understanding during delicate situations such as child transfers.

TPD expands its reach by collaborating with organizations such as the Florida State University Police Department and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, serving a diverse population of students, staff, and residents. Such collaborations allow TPD to create a network of safety that extends beyond its jurisdiction, demonstrating its commitment to public safety at large.

Moreover, they maintain a positive and approachable image, as seen from reviews by residents who appreciated the officers’ professionalism and helpfulness even in complex situations. It’s clear that the TPD is more than just a law enforcement agency – it’s a cornerstone of the community, working tirelessly to maintain peace and safety in Tallahassee.

Address: 234 E 7th Ave, Tallahassee, FL 32303


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