Sections of the Texas Department of Transportation

At the helm of this vast organization is Anh Selissen, serving as the Chief Information Officer. The intricate structure of TxDOT is composed of several specialized units, each working diligently to make Texas transportation safe, effective, and efficient. These units include:

  • Customer Relationship Management: This section plays a pivotal role in bridging TxDOT and the public, handling inquiries, and providing necessary information.
  • Infrastructure and Operations: This unit oversees the maintenance and development of the state’s vast transport networks.
  • Vendor Management and Sourcing: This team is responsible for sourcing and managing third-party service providers, ensuring quality and cost-effectiveness.
  • Information Security: This unit is tasked with safeguarding the department’s digital assets from potential cyber threats.
  • ITD Strategy and Finance: The financial backbone of TxDOT, managing funds and outlining strategic goals.
  • Applications Development and Management: This team creates and maintains software applications to aid in the day-to-day functioning of the department.
  • Data Governance and Management: This unit focuses on managing and utilizing data for informed decision-making.
  • Service Integration: This team works to ensure seamless collaboration among all the other units.
  • Governance and Enterprise Change Management: This unit oversees policy development and manages organizational change.a

History of the Texas Department of Transportation

TxDOT has a rich history, dating back to 1916, when it was formed as the Texas Highway Department to oversee federal highway construction and maintenance. Over the years, the department’s responsibilities expanded to include not just roads but also maritime, aviation, rail, and public transportation. It was rechristened as the Texas Department of Transportation in 1991 and has since remained headquartered in Austin. A notable moment in its history is the introduction of the slogan “Don’t Mess with Texas” in 1986. Initially intended to combat littering, this phrase is now a widely recognized symbol of Texan pride.

How the Texas Department of Transportation Serves the Area

The Texas Department of Transportation is more than an agency overseeing transport; it’s a cornerstone of Texas community life. As an organization that understands the importance of connections, TxDOT bridges geographical distances and unites the state’s diverse communities. It helps Texas thrive by ensuring the state’s infrastructure supports the dynamic economic activities and the everyday needs of the Texans.

TxDOT works hand-in-hand with communities across the state. Programs like Adopt a Highway, encourage citizens to take an active role in maintaining the state’s roadways. It also ensures its facilities are accessible to all, as demonstrated by the wheelchair-friendly Austin District Headquarters.

TxDOT is not just managing highways and transport systems; it is building connections, shaping economies, and bringing people closer. It’s not just about Texas moving; it’s about Texas advancing. As the Lone Star State looks to the future, TxDOT stands ready to drive it forward.

TxDOT’s headquarters is located at 125 E. 11th Street, Austin, TX 78701-2483.


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