Sections of the Tolleson Police Department

The Tolleson Police Department operates under the management of the Support Services Manager, Ginger Sanabria. The department is sectioned off into several distinct units, each with its unique responsibilities:

  • Civilian Ride-Along Application Unit: This unit manages the program that allows civilians to observe police officers during their shifts, providing firsthand insight into their daily operations.
  • Code Compliance Unit: This team ensures the enforcement of city codes and ordinances, contributing to the overall aesthetic and safety of the community.
  • Criminal Investigations Unit: Tasked with investigating all types of crimes that occur within the city, this unit is instrumental in maintaining law and order.
  • Sex Offender Monitoring Unit: Utilizing the OffenderWatch system, this unit keeps a watchful eye on registered sex offenders within the community.
  • Victim Assistance Unit: Dedicated to aiding victims of identity theft, this unit provides assistance, including the provision of police report numbers.

History of the Tolleson Police Department

The Tolleson Police Department has been a pillar of the community for many years. It has evolved and adapted to meet the changing needs of the population it serves as it has grown alongside the city. Once a small unit of officers, it has expanded over the years to include a robust force of 25 officers equipped with the skills and tools necessary to maintain peace and safety in the area.

Throughout its history, the Tolleson Police Department has shown its dedication to the community by implementing programs like the Silent Witness program, emphasizing the importance of public involvement in crime prevention. It continues to adapt its strategies and services to best protect and serve the residents of Tolleson.

How the Tolleson Police Department Serves the Area

The Tolleson Police Department plays a significant role in the community, establishing a cooperative relationship with the residents to ensure safety and peace. Offering services around the clock, it remains ever vigilant, ready to respond to any emergency that might occur.

Not limited to traditional law enforcement activities, the Tolleson Police Department embraces community-oriented policing, understanding the value of community involvement in maintaining a safe environment. The Civilian Ride-Along program allows residents to become more familiar with the department’s operations and fosters better relationships between the police and the community.

Moreover, the department extends its reach beyond Tolleson, serving Phoenix and its vast population. By coordinating efforts with nearby institutions such as the Tolleson Union High School, the Tolleson Police Department demonstrates its commitment to comprehensive security, focusing on crime prevention and the creation of a harmonious community environment. In these ways, the Tolleson Police Department continues its unwavering dedication to serving and protecting the people of Tolleson, Arizona.


8350 W Van Buren St, Tolleson, AZ 85353, United States