What Are the Different Units of the Union City Police Department?

At the head of the Union City Police Department stands the Director of Public Safety, Chief Anthony Facchini, overseeing all units and ensuring optimal function and service delivery. Several major sections underpin the Police Department:

  • Abandoned Vehicle Reporting: Handling reports regarding vehicles left unattended, potentially posing safety hazards or related concerns.
  • Administration – Office of the Chief of Police: Serving as the pivotal center for all executive decisions, policies, and organizational strategies.
  • Support Services Division Commander – Captain Travis Souza: Overseeing all logistical, administrative, and support-oriented functions, ensuring seamless operations.
  • Field Operations Division Commander – Captain Victor Derting: Managing the active patrolling and response units, responsible for real-time interventions and maintaining public order.
  • Public Information Officer (PIO) – Lieutenant Sergio Quintero: Handling all communication and liaison functions, ensuring clear, transparent information dissemination to the public.
  • On-Duty Watch Commander: Coordinating the department’s active-duty personnel, ensuring optimized resource allocation and immediate response to emergencies.

What is the History of the Union City Police Department?

The roots of the Union City Police Department trace back through the annals of time, reflecting the growth, challenges, and triumphs of the community it serves. As the community evolved, so did the department, adopting innovative approaches, technologies, and methodologies to keep pace with the ever-changing dynamics of urban policing. Over the years, the department has not only witnessed but has also been an active participant in many historic events, shaping its legacy and defining its values.

How Does the Union City Police Department Serve the People?

The Union City Police Department stands as a shining example of community collaboration and engagement. Chief Anthony Facchini’s welcoming message on the department’s website is a testament to the emphasis placed on fostering community relationships, urging residents to actively participate in department initiatives.

Their motto, “See something, Say something,” encapsulates their belief in community vigilance and participation as vital elements in crime prevention. The department actively promotes collaborative efforts by holding community meetings throughout the year, creating platforms for residents to voice concerns, share feedback, and propose innovative ideas.

Safety is an overriding concern for the Union City Police Department. Through various initiatives like “Project Medicine Drop,” the department ensures that the community remains free from potential hazards, be they health or security-related. The mission is clear: to create a safe environment that fosters trust and mutual respect between the police and citizens. By accentuating police-citizen interactions, they have been successful in establishing a bond of trust and shared responsibility.

The Union City Police Department, with its dynamic range of services, community-driven approach, and rich history, is a pillar of strength and security in the Union City, California community. Through continued engagement and collaboration, the department aims to craft a safer, more harmonious future for all residents.


Address: 34009 Alvarado-Niles Rd, Union City, CA 94587


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