What Are the Different Units of the Utah Department of Transportation?

At the helm of UDOT is the executive director, Carlos Braceras, backed by deputy directors Lisa Wilson and Teri Newell. The agency is organized into four regions, each tasked with the upkeep of specific counties.

The major sections within UDOT include:

  • Roadway Maintenance Division: This division handles the upkeep of the state’s vast network of highways, ensuring roads are safe, well-maintained, and travel-ready.
  • Right-of-Way Division: This section manages thousands of acres of right-of-way, using GIS to identify surplus property and enabling interdepartmental collaboration.
  • Data Division: Collaborating with Cirrus by Panasonic, UDOT has developed an intelligent transportation data ecosystem aiming to collect, monitor, and share data related to connected and autonomous vehicles. This real-time data sharing facilitates updates on crashes, weather, and traffic conditions, contributing significantly to road safety.

History of the Utah Department of Transportation

The origins of UDOT can be traced back to the early years of the 20th century when Utah first developed its modern roadway network. Over the decades, as the state’s population and transportation needs grew, so did the importance and scope of UDOT. Today, it operates under the strategic goals of preserving infrastructure, optimizing mobility, achieving zero fatalities, and strengthening the economy, making it an indispensable part of Utah’s government structure.

In recent years, UDOT has embraced technology to improve its services. The agency’s collaboration with Cirrus by Panasonic to create a data ecosystem for connected and autonomous vehicles demonstrates its forward-thinking approach and commitment to innovation in the service of safety and efficiency.

How the Utah Department of Transportation Serves the Area

UDOT’s mission goes beyond the maintenance of roads and highways. The agency plays a significant role in strengthening Utah’s economy by ensuring smooth and efficient transportation, facilitating the flow of goods, and supporting tourism. Its proactive approach to safety and accident prevention also contributes to the well-being of the state’s residents and visitors.

Engagement with the community is a cornerstone of UDOT’s operations. The department provides various ways for the public to contact them, including online tools, forms, emails, traditional communication methods, and even in-person meetings. This allows them to be responsive to public needs and feedback.

In addition, UDOT is committed to transparency, as seen in its data publishing practices. The agency openly shares digitized property records and traffic data, demonstrating its dedication to informed decision-making and the sharing of crucial information with the public.

All these activities underline UDOT’s crucial role as not just a transportation agency but also as a service-oriented body committed to the well-being and prosperity of Utah and its people.

UDOT Headquarters: 4501 South 2700 West, Taylorsville, UT 84129-8608.


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