What Are the Divisions of the the Ventura Police Department?

The Ventura Police Department is structured to cater to the diverse needs of the community. At its helm is Chief of Police Darin Schindler, who oversees various sections and units dedicated to specialized services.

  • Communications Center, SWAT Team: Headed by Commander Weeks, Ryan, this unit manages crises requiring specialized tactical interventions. Additionally, they handle emergency communications ensuring timely response to critical situations.
  • Investigations, School Resource Officers: Under Commander Murray Rick’s guidance, this section focuses on in-depth investigations into criminal activities. They also work closely with educational institutions, ensuring safety and security for the students.
  • Fleet, Armory: Led by Commander Brown, Mike, this unit manages the vehicles and weaponry used by the department, ensuring they are well-maintained and ready for action.
  • K9 Unit, Explorer Program, Peer Support: Commander Caliento, Edward heads this section which utilizes trained dogs for various operations, introduces young individuals to law enforcement careers, and provides peer support for officers in need.
  • Special Events, Traffic Unit, Homeless Services, Animal Control: Under the leadership of Commander Cain, Matt, this section ensures smooth conduct during public events, manages traffic flow, and looks after the needs of the homeless population and stray animals.
  • Professional Standards, Recruitment, Public Information Officer: Headed by Commander Heard, Sarah, this unit ensures the department adheres to the highest professional standards, recruits new talent, and manages public relations and communication.

What is the History of the Ventura Police Department?

The Ventura Police Department has a rich history rooted in its dedication to the Ventura community. Over the years, the department has evolved, not only in terms of technology and infrastructure but also in terms of in its approach to community policing. Its commitment to serving with integrity and transparency has remained unchanged.

The city of Ventura, also known as San Buenaventura, has seen its police department rise to the challenges of the modern era, adapting and innovating yet holding steadfast to its core values. With each passing year, the department has built more robust bonds with its community, making Ventura a safer place to live, work, and visit.

How Does the Ventura Police Department Serve the Community?

The Ventura Police Department’s vision extends beyond crime prevention. They focus on building trust and fostering collaboration with the community. Initiatives like the Explorer Program introduce the city’s youth to potential careers in law enforcement, shaping the future generation of officers who will be intimately familiar with Ventura’s unique dynamics.

The department’s K9 unit and SWAT team not only tackle critical situations but also participate in community outreach programs, offering residents a closer look into their operations. This openness demystifies police procedures and fosters mutual respect and understanding.

Working hand-in-hand with educational institutions, School Resource Officers play a crucial role in ensuring a safe environment for students. They also act as bridges, facilitating healthy interactions between students and law enforcement.

Recognizing the challenges faced by vulnerable populations, units dedicated to homeless services and animal control play an indispensable role in the broader community care approach. By addressing these essential areas, the Ventura Police Department emphasizes its dedication to every facet of the community’s well-being.


Address: 1425 Dowell Dr. Ventura, CA 93003


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