What Are the Different Divisions of the Walnut Creek Police Department?

At the helm of the WCPD is the Chief of Police, offering guidance and leadership and ensuring that the department operates with the utmost integrity. The major sections or units of this police department include:

  • Police Records Unit: Responsible for maintaining all police records and ensuring their accuracy. This unit also provides the public with access to requested police reports.
  • Walnut Creek Reserves: This section offers citizens a chance to serve as reserves, supporting the primary police force and gaining firsthand experience in law enforcement.
  • Online Reporting System: A modern approach to reporting, allowing citizens to immediately file police reports electronically for non-emergency situations.
  • Emergency and Non-Emergency Response: Apart from the 9-1-1 emergency response team, the department also maintains a non-emergency line (925-943-5844) to address concerns that don’t warrant immediate action.
  • WCPD Patrol Officers and Detectives: These are the front-line officers who respond to incidents, conduct investigations, and actively patrol the city to deter crime.

What is the History of the Walnut Creek Police Department?

The Walnut Creek Police Department, situated in the heart of Contra Costa County, has a rich history that aligns with the growth and development of Walnut Creek itself. Established to serve a community that was rapidly expanding, the department evolved over the decades, adapting to the changing needs of the city. Today, it stands as a modern police force with traditional values, boasting a team of dedicated officers and staff and serving a population of 63,000 residents.

How Does the Walnut Creek Police Department Serve the Area?

The relationship between the WCPD and the Walnut Creek community goes beyond just law enforcement. Their proactive approach to engaging with the locals, be it through community outreach programs, safety checks in neighborhoods, or public information sessions, ensures a collaborative effort in crime prevention.

Recent events, such as the arrest of a suspect responsible for multiple sexual assaults, underline the department’s dedication to bringing perpetrators to justice. With the department’s media contacts openly available, it ensures a transparent flow of information to the public and media outlets. The encouragement for any additional victims or witnesses to come forward demonstrates the trust they wish to build with their community.

Online platforms, like the Online Reporting System, not only modernize the way the public interacts with the department but also ensure a swift and streamlined reporting process. It epitomizes the department’s commitment to adapting to modern times while maintaining the core principles of policing.

The residents’ reviews and sentiments about the WCPD, as seen on various online platforms, often commend the department’s swift response to emergencies and its visible presence in the community. Such an omnipresence not only deters potential criminals but also instills a sense of security among the locals.

The Walnut Creek Police Department stands as a paragon of community-centric policing. Through their actions, transparency, and deep-rooted commitment to the people of Walnut Creek, they fortify the trust that the community has in its guardians.


Address: 1666 N. Main St., Walnut Creek, CA 94596


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