What Are the Different Units of the West Virginia State Police?

At the helm of the WVSP is the accomplished Colonel Jack Chambers. Under his supervision, the department operates through a comprehensive structure featuring multiple divisions, each focused on specific areas of law enforcement and public safety:

  • Joint Terrorism Taskforce: This unit collaborates directly with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as part of a broader initiative to protect the U.S. from terrorist attacks. This involves the neutralization of terrorist cells, dismantling extremist networks on a global scale, and curbing terrorist financing.
  • Highway Patrol Division: This section of the WVSP ensures the safety of motorists on the state’s roads and highways. It is also tasked with traffic enforcement and responding to road accidents.
  • Civilian Support: A group of dedicated civilian members provides essential support services, contributing significantly to the effective functioning of the WVSP. Their roles span a wide array of administrative and logistical tasks.

What is the History of the West Virginia State Police?

Founded in 1919, the WVSP has a long-standing history of service to the residents of West Virginia. Initially named the “West Virginia Department of Public Safety,” the organization underwent a rebranding in 1995, adopting the current name of “West Virginia State Police.”

During its existence, the WVSP has faced challenging periods, including involvement in suppressing labor-related uprisings for coal and mining companies. These historical instances have not only shaped the agency’s evolution but also fostered a resolve to improve and continue serving the public dutifully.

How Does the West Virginia State Police Serve the Area?

The WVSP has dedicated itself to establishing a strong, collaborative relationship with the communities it serves. As the first point of contact in times of crisis, the WVSP is trusted by residents to respond promptly and effectively. Whether dealing with minor disturbances or major incidents, the agency’s priority remains the same: to ensure the safety and well-being of West Virginians.

Under the umbrella of the FBI Joint Terrorism Taskforce, WVSP shares the top-tier mission of defending the United States from terrorist threats. This collaboration has proven instrumental in both local and national security contexts, as the agency works in tandem with partners to neutralize threats and dismantle extremist networks.

However, the relationship with society is not without its challenges. Recent investigations have put a spotlight on allegations of misconduct within the department. This underscores the critical importance of transparency and accountability within the WVSP as it strives to uphold its mission and maintain public trust. In response to these challenges, the agency has seen leadership changes and launched multiple investigations to address these issues and assure the public of its commitment to justice and integrity.

Address: 725 Jefferson Road, South Charleston, WV 25309.


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