What Are the Different Divisions of the Westminster Police Department?

The Westminster Police Department is headed by the Police Chief, Ralph Ornelas. As with most police departments, the WPD is composed of various sections or units, each playing a pivotal role in maintaining law and order:

  • Records Section: Responsible for maintaining all crime and arrest records, including police reports.
  • Desk Officer: Acts as the first point of contact for individuals visiting the police station, providing information and guidance.
  • Property and Evidence: Manages all evidence collected from crime scenes and ensures their safe storage.
  • Traffic and Parking Control: Ensures smooth vehicular movement and manages parking regulations.
  • Animal Control: Deals with issues related to stray animals, ensuring their safe capture and relocation.
  • Media Relations Team: Manages communication between the department and media houses, ensuring transparency and proper information flow.

What is the History of the Westminster Police Department?

The Westminster Police Department has a rich history of serving the community of Westminster, California. Established to cater to the law enforcement needs of a growing population, the department has since expanded its reach and services. Over the years, it has faced numerous challenges but has always emerged stronger, thanks to the unwavering dedication of its officers and the trust of the community. The force has grown in strength, now boasting 105 officers serving a population of 86,000 residents.

How Does the Westminster Police Department Serve the Area?

The WPD is not just about enforcing laws; it’s about building relationships with the community it serves. They undertake numerous initiatives to ensure a seamless collaboration with residents. One example is their recent hosting of a Free Catalytic Converter Etching Event in partnership with the City of Westminster Public Works department and the Boys & Girls Club of Westminster. Such events not only address rising crime trends but also serve as community outreach efforts.

By having the community actively involved, the WPD ensures that residents take an active role in crime prevention. Etching or engraving vehicle identification numbers on parts like catalytic converters can deter theft and aid in the identification and return of stolen items. It’s a demonstration of the department’s proactive approach to crime.

The WPD places a strong emphasis on public education. They regularly send out safety updates, like their advisory on the prohibition of illegal fireworks in the city. These communications serve a dual purpose: they inform the public and also underline the department’s stance on ensuring safety.

The department’s openness to feedback and its active presence on platforms like Yelp show that they value the opinions of the community. Such platforms allow residents to voice their concerns, praise the good work of officers, or provide suggestions for improvement, ensuring a two-way communication channel.

The Westminster Police Department, through its various units, collaborative efforts, and community-centric approach, stands as a beacon of trust and commitment for the people of Westminster, California.

Address: 8200 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA 92683.


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